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Found 3 results

  1. Didn’t know where to put this so started a new topic. Looks like SurfRider has been taken off the Wet n Wild website, can’t find it at all! SkyCoaster still listed as “currently closed” and FlowRider as “under maintenance” so I rlly don’t think this is an accident. Any ideas as to what could happen to SurfRider? https://wetnwild.com.au/attractions
  2. Seeing as this is the closest we’ve got to an in-use Movie World update thread… Best pics of Superman’s work I could get: Marvin the Martian Construction: Couldn’t see for sure if there’s any footer work for SurfRider, partly because of all the work walls, and also because of the inability to view it from Batwing, because it too is surrounded by work walls now. Pics: Maybe they’re relocating Trident next (joking, kind of). And, saving the best for last, it seems the Joker has run out of Frozen Coke to steal.
  3. Is this normal for Surfrider to be closed without a re-opening date?
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