The Parkz Update: Movie World prepares site for roller coaster construction

Movie World has fenced off a large portion of its car park as a staging area for the construction of their new roller coaster.

Construction of what is likely to be the largest roller coaster ever built in Australia creeps forward, as Movie World begins to prepare the expansive site for vertical construction.

Everyone's favourite unbuilt roller coaster sits looking roughly the same as it has for several months now.
The angled footing for base of the roller coaster's lift hill. The slot in the middle allows the lift hill chain return and gear mechanisms to pass through.
The station will likely lead straight into the lift hill, heading towards us in this shot.
At this point the ride will twist through its final section of track, into a brake run and curve around to the right into the station.
Nuts and washers have been removed from many of the footings in preparation for the installation of support columns.
The lower washers and nuts remain in place; these are adjusted precisely to ensure exact alignment of each support column.
The support in one of the car park garden beds still features its alignment template.
The grass has been growing quicker than the coaster as of late.
Channels being dug for electrical conduits.
And there's no shortage of the stuff to go in.
These thin conduits connect to the perimeter fencing to power the lighting.
Footings span off into the distance.
This inlet in the fence suggests that this footing will be home to an angled support.
Another footing for another angled support column outside the fence.
Site offices and three large containers have appeared in a large fenced off section of Movie World's car park. This area will likely be the construction staging area, where roller coaster track and supports are stored.
Forum photo by themagician
The three containers aren't ride parts. They will be used to erect large temporary shelters during construction.
Forum photo by themagician
Well, we can rule out this ride being themed to the popular Batman villain Scarecrow.
Arkham Asylum is back up and running... but Batman doesn't look to happy about it.
Proof that Superman Escape is not a pink roller coaster. At least not since it was repainted last year. 
Batwing Spaceshot, and the adjoining Justice League ride, are both down for annual maintenance.
Superman does the rounds on his Fortress of Solitude float.
Nothing like a cold beer at the end of a hot day at a theme park. Except Movie World's sole licensed venue was closed for business at 2:45pm.
So we did what you do when you want a beer... we went to Dreamworld. Here it is at 3:00pm on the same day. It managed to remain in this unusual open-for-business state right up until the park's closing time.

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