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The southeastern side of the park, where we can see Nighthawk, RipCord, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, Windseeker, Intimidator, Southern Star and Afterburn
The eastern side of the park, featuring Carolina Cobra, Carolina Goldrusher and Whitewater Falls. Carolina Harbor is beyond.
From left to right: Intimidator, RipCord, WindSeeker, Nighthawk and the Carolina Skytower.
Once inside the park the first drop of Nighthawk and Windseeker come into view.
Fury 325, with Intimidator in the background.
Looking back across the new circular entrance plaza to the coaster.
Its crazy to think thid secondary turn is as tall as the highest point of many full sized coasters.
Rising over the horizon as you approach the park.
The ride is a bit more intense than other B&Ms of this type.
Looking back towards the first few high speed turns.
The 90° banked turnaround produces a bit of "sideways airtime".
Rising out the other side of the tunnel.
The track also goes under the grand entrance tunnel, with glass viewing windows above and honeycomb LED rings around the track below.
Much like Gatekeeper at Cedar Point, the track of Fury 325 is used to frame the grand entry to Carowinds.
The scale of this ride is enormous, sprawling across the lawns at the front of the park.
Fury 325 and Hurler
The transfer track area.
You hit the final brakes and loop back to the station.
The last bit of the ride features an airtime hill, helix, then two more airtime hills.
The track then completes a low overbanke turn over the entrance path, a 91 degree banked upwards turnaround, then a drop back under the entrance path. After the tunnel is a 30m high banked turn.

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