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Latest photos

This sign is useful to give everybody the idea of what they're about to experience.
The queue for this attraction is often quite long.
The last remaining Jaws ride. The theming here is excellent.
The plucky little boat will get you through numerous thrills and spills. Thankfully, you don't get too wet.
Ron Howard hosts the fiery special effects from Backdraft.
The main entrance.
An overview of some of the rides, including Fairly Odd Coaster, Rock Bottom Plunge, Backyardigans Swing-a-long, Avatar Airbender and El Circulo Del Ceilio.
The back corner of the park, with Shell Shock, Dutchmans Deck, and of course, Orange Streak running about.
The entrance to Avatar Airbender, with Orange Streak and Fairly Odd Coaster running over everything.
Backyardigans character sculpts.
Log Chute, Orange Streak and Fairly Odd Coaster
Avatar Airbender is an Intamin Halfpipe coaster with an "air and fire" design on the board shaped car. Orange Streak crosses over.

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