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Latest photos

The long overdue coat of paint is returning the ride to its correct Superman colours.
Salmon-pink Escape is Superman Escape once again.
The table at Dirty Harry's awaiting Star Tour guests for lunch.
It's really quite amazing just how much detail work continues to happen. In Australia we're used to rides being rushed to completion and frequently opening under the guise of "technical rehearsals" or with hyped themed elements or effects simply missing altogether.
Work doesn't stop for weekends. There have been reports of filming of a TVC on site in recent days.
New custom hoardings appear as the hype amplifies.
These custom banners are likely versions of print and billboard ads that have only recently been approved by DC Comics in the USA, which would explain why they have only been put to use at Movie World just now.
A sun-safe painter busy at work. In addition to protecting himself from the harsh Australian sun, we also don't need to blur his face, so kudos to him!
Temporary scaffolding for use during the filming of TVCs.
Old meets new with bitumen in place.
Survey pegs are spread throughout the grassy area at the front of Movie World.
Such pegs would be used for correctly placing footings while also avoiding existing infrastructure such as electrical conduits and water/sewage plumbing.
The early stages of groundwork are underway.
A few of the iconic palm trees that lined the road into Movie World have disappeared after 25 years.
The Perfect Storm combines two Tornado 24 elements with the larger Tornado 60 funnel. The ride will feature extensive lighting effects in these enclosed funnels.
Concept art of 'Banjo's Billabong'.
The Perfect Storm (left) features smaller Tornado 24 elements in addition to the fullsized Tornado 60.
3D projections of the The Perfect Storm (left) and Funnel Web (right) slides from manufacturer ProSlide.
The dangling hoses can be seen awaiting connection.
Superman Escape is being repainted by hand. Ever have to paint anything moderately tricky at home like a lattice? Imagine 760 meters of it...

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