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Latest photos

Dollywood logo.
The entrance turnstile building.
"You have arrived."
The Dollywood Emporium is the main shop at the park exit.
One of the many play areas that are scattered around Dollywood.
A water wheel comes into one of the shops in Rivertown Junction....But how do they keep the snow out in winter?
The park is in near immaculate condition.
Keeping cool in Wilderness Pass.
Pleasant creek.
Stained glass in the blacksmith in Craftsman's Valley.
The exterior of the Sweet Shoppe.
There's no shortage of live entertainment at the park, and it is entirely possible for non riders to have a full day exploring the shows and craftsman displays.
Dollywood has the unique feature of a real church, which conducts services on Sundays for park visitors who must worship.
The aqueduct eventually reaches the water clock in Rivertown Junction.
An aqueduct and creek runs through Craftsman's Valley.
Craftsman's Valley features several shops and workshops selling handmade items from candles to jackets to fire pokers.
This old style police car sits out the front of Rockin' Roadway.
The Palace Theater by night.
The Palace Theater is directly opposite the main entrance.
The Pines Theater.

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