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  1. The Megamix is in SA and up for sale if you would want it See Here
  2. This is not an Australian Amusement Ride Manufacturer! It is a European Manufacturer with an agent in Australia. These rides arn't made here in Australia. The agent just has a home office here in Australia with an Australian domain name.
  3. Sounds like another Les Osborne Amusements/Durkin Amusements stuff up. Cessnock Show Society just should stick with the Showmen's Guild of Australasia, they wouldn't let them down.
  4. Yes it has been years since Myer Melbourne had the Roof Top Carnival. It was run by TPA Shows at the time.
  5. More like very poor management, the Newcastle Show Society sent the Show broke by sacking the Showmen's Guild of Australasia members with all the quality euipement to employ Les Osborne and Durkins Amusements. Was not a good move.
  6. There is a travelling Spinning Roller Coaster here http://www.ausfun.com.au/thrill.aspx
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