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  1. I'm not the person to really complain about roller coasters being rough, it's part of the experience on some rides. However Ghostrider did something strange to my back two days before (mind you I love that ride but I rode it just before it closed for it's retrack) and Desperado did the same thing to me on the first drop. IMO it isn't worth the drive out there, only worth it if driving to Vegas or LA. I did read after riding it though it is recommended to sit somewhere in the middle, front or back will destroy you... which I was in the front. I just assumed it would give a similar ride to Magnum 2000 at CP.
  2. OH NO! You didn't get to ride Desperado!? Lucky you. I made the mistake when driving to Vegas from LA to stop in and give it a go. Absolutely horrible. Give me a SLC over that any day. I'm a little shocked for you Gaz that this is your first trip to Vegas.
  3. I've been nearly every month of the year. August surprisingly wasn't that bad. There was one day where it was a little too much but that day doesn't compare to the park on New Years Eve (which I recommend doing... only once though). Longest I had to wait for rides was probably an hour which was for Splash Mountain. Naturally stand by for Cars was 3 hours but that is where fast pass and single rider comes in for that particular ride. Most rides had an average stand by time of 30 minutes on the signs but took quicker to get through. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the park in summer over the other months to be honest.
  4. Heading to Coffs this weekend. Was always curious if the park was worth the visit. Especially with how they operate with sessions.
  5. Please stop focusing on the quote "injuries incompatible with life" this is an extremely common phrase used in the emergency services and simply means nothing could have been done to save the victims. Usually an instant death or unrepairable damage to vital organs. Today is truly a sad day for everyone but more so for the families, staff and emergency services involved. I am a little disgusted and disappointed with some of the things some people have said here today.
  6. Sorry if I sound rude, but why did you spend so long at Cedar Point? You could have done so much, visit Detroit, visit Cleveland, drive to Niagara Falls on your way to Toronto, spend some extra time in Toronto. Would of had heaps of time to drive or fly to Chicago as well. Without all the info you could have possibly done those things though. Leviathan is amazing in my opinion, and not rough at all. Wonderland is great for a Canadian park, I mean just look at what they have. PNE Playland (exception of the woodie), it is very lack luster. My old local park, Calaway Park in Calgary is just a joke. Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall definitely has a cool factor but it generally doesn't feel safe, especially riding Mindbender backwards! I can't comment on La Ronde as I never got the chance to visit. As for the other small parks, they are just small and child friendly parks (like Calaway). Wonderland IMO is a great park and considering Canada shares a similar population with us it is definitely a step above what our parks are currently offering. However it is great to see more people on these forums having the ability to get out there and visit more parks!
  7. I didn't even know The Rock was owned by Leyland Brothers. I honestly didn't know Great Aussie Bush Camp still operated. I remember going there for a school camp one year and the news was it was the last year or close to the last year for them to be in operation.
  8. My vote would have to be Top Thrill Batster when it opens
  9. I got the chance to ride the same thing at Playland in Vancouver. It wasn't as good as I was hoping. Made my partners legs and I's ache mid cycle and seems to make people really sick too. Had two people vomit on the ride with us.
  10. I just don't see why this 'clearance checker' would be shaped this way or even painted the same white that is one the ride. Doesn't doomsday have spikes on himself anyway? Maybe these are to keep that spike theme going? In saying that, if it is part of the theming why did they go to the trouble to paint the end of the tubes in detail? I guess we call our bets now.
  11. Yeah my thoughts exactly Blade. Lots of moving parts on these, you would assume there would be a 'break in' procedure... surely? Even if it's just to ensure all the gears have seated properly.
  12. Lol just because you can doesn't mean you should, especially on that thing! @Theme Park Ninja You are a lucky man. Very lucky indeed.
  13. PFFFT!! You both clearly never experienced Gwazi! Haha.
  14. The original House of Horrors was still a top notch attraction IMO. Since it was a permanent walk through it definitely had better detail than their mazes for Halloween. A nice welcomed changed though and I am all for refreshing it every few years instead of eliminating the attraction all together. Lets just hope it doesn't have it's usual 3 hour wait like the Halloween Horror Nights version, ha. Thanks Clayton! Just please credit the original source, share a link to a report, etc. Even give us your thoughts on the topic maybe, after all it is a forum.
  15. Managed to pop into Lake Dolores Waterpark on my last trip. As most people are aware there isn't much left of it, just holes in the ground and buildings degrading. No pictures though, felt sketchy enough being in there let alone spending time and snapping pics. @Theme Park Girl My partner and I were lucky on our visit to Knotts and bumped into Adam at the front gates waiting for it to open. He was nice enough to do a quick ride on Sierra Sidewinder with us. Check out The Proper People on youtube as well. They've done Six Flags, but they explore a lot of abandoned places and the production level of their video's is pretty cool.
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