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Found 2 results

  1. So I have just returned from a quick coaster trip to the USA and Canada. Overall the trip was great and I very much did not want to come home. Cedar Point (6 days) OK 6 days seems like a long time but when I last visited 10 years ago we waited 2-3 hours to get on everything and over 4 days we rode everything once and got some double rides on MF and TTD so my planning was with this in mind. Getting there however was a different story. It was dead. The longest queues were for Valravn and Maverick and even they were only 30 minutes. Raptor also got some big queues if Valravn
  2. I remember during a trip to Canada and the US in 2011 I started taking photo's at Canada's Wonderland with the intention of uploading them here for people to see. I think by the the time I got to Disneyland and Universal Studios in LA though I was just taking random pictures of anything and everything with no real thought where they might end up. Are these the kind of photo's people here would like, and is this the right thread to post that kind of stuff? Here's an example of some of the photos I took: Can't remember the name of this one, but its similar to Magilla Gorilla's Flotila at
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