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  1. SassyBrat

    *WANTED* Discounted vouchers dreamworld

    Try this page, gets you a $25 off adults and $10 of kids discount.
  2. SassyBrat

    Surfers Paradise - Attractions

    Someone asked about the wax museum. We went there last year and I can't highly recommend it for excitement but was interesting enough. Certainly NOT something young kids would enjoy. Ok so you get to choose between two sides. One side is the famous wax people like Elvis, Kylie Minogue, The Queen and so on and really is quite small. Took about 15 minutes to walk through. The other side is called the Dungeon. In the Dungeon you get a tour guide who takes you through to look at all the old equipment used for torture and so on. I do highly recommend this if you have a morbid interest in things like me. It probably takes more like 30-45 minutes, depending on the guide and how many people go with you. So stay clear of the famous people part and go straight for the dungeon (you pay for each side separately too!). Loved Ripley's and the kids did too. Only tip for this place would be to go to their website and get a coupon for adults at kids prices, will save you a few $$. Haven't got to spacewalker or Infinity but not due to not wanting to but more the $$. Will get there sometime soon hopefully. Actually I am fairly sure one of these has closed (spacewalker?) for the time being and will be relocating. Correct me if I am wrong though!
  3. Found this on their website and thought it might be handy for some people on here (those without annual passes): Warner Bros. Movie World's 16th Birthday WEB SPECIAL To celebrate Warner Bros. Movie World's 16th Birthday we are offering you the chance to SAVE $16 per person on a one day admission ticket. We have released 1,600 tickets only at this awesome price so don't miss out on this great special! Click here -> and only pay $48 for adults and $26 for children (4 -13) and pensioners for a one day admission ticket. That's a massive saving of $16 per person. This is a WEB ONLY offer and you must visit Warner Bros. Movie World by 30 June 2007
  4. SassyBrat

    New Shrek 3 Stage Show & New Western Show

    Sounds great! I know my smaller kids will love it while the bigger kids (ie husband) can go on the thrill rides.
  5. SassyBrat

    Captain Sturt Paddle Steamer

    My kids loved the magic show last year and was worth taking the time to watch.
  6. Yes, they were free. Sorry these are all gone now. If I get some more (im trying to) I will let you all know.
  7. SassyBrat

    Dreamworld - 2nd day cost?

    Thanks guys, I knew someone would know! I am just happy there IS a return pass.
  8. Going to Dreamworld next month and a staff member gave me this information regarding my child returning to dreamworld for a 2nd day: 1 child $42.00 + $10.00 for the second day return. What I want to know is, is this correct? I can't find anything to back up the return for $10 deal and i know they they used to have something like this last year when we went so possibly just out of date even though this information was given to me only a couple of days ago. Any info would be great, thanks.
  9. OK thanks I will message him.
  10. I have some vouchers here for Adults at Kids Prices - valid till 14/12/07 Valid for anyone (not just QLD residents) but not valid in QLD school holidays. Not valid with any other offer. Valid for one day entery ONLY and not valid at WWW. Max 4 adults per voucher.