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  1. rob

    Favorite Ride

    I haven't been to Dreamworld in ages, but I would say: 1. Wild West Falls 2. Bermuda Triangle (this needs more love) 3. Scooby Doo Spoky Coaster 4. Superman Escape 5. Lethal Weapon 6. Giant Drop 7. Thunder River Rapids 8. Loony Tunes River Ride 9. Corkscrew 10. Tower of Terror
  2. rob

    Look Fimiliar

    I wonder how long it will take for this little secret to appear on Today Tonight. I think it would be pretty risky to design a new coaster in Australia, since we only have a handfull of rollercoasters currently, and if the design is a flaw (cough* motocoaster), then you are pretty much screwed.
  3. rob

    The Wii

    I wanted to get a Wii for Chrissy but my mum wouldnt let me, even though i said i would pay! But yesterday (boxing day) i finally convinced her and she let me go out and get one, () but it turns out pretty much all of Australia is sold out of Wii's!!! I never knew they were that popular, so i guess I'll have to wait until they come back into stock. In the mean time ill just try to not go insane while i listen to the rest of the world go on about how amazing their Wii's are .
  4. rob

    Which one?

    The purpose of the PS3 and 360 are for graphics, yes, but what about the Wii? It was designed to be a next step in the evolution of gaming, not to be as grapichally realistic as possible. Why is it that every game must have some sort of violence in it? Yes, I will admit i do enjoy blowing up and shooting every living thing around me in GTA: San Andreas in my spare time, but this is not what makes games enjoyable. Most of the N64 games didnt have much violence in them at all, and they didnt exactly look realistic (compared to todays games), yet they were still some of the most memorable games i have every played. And about the Wii having no good games? How about Metroid Prime 3, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and of course Super Mario Galaxy.
  5. rob

    Ride Tech Talk

    Thanks, I probably will switch to to Firefox. I always thought IE was the best way to surf the web, guess I was wrong lol.
  6. rob

    Ride Tech Talk

    ^^Internet Explorer
  7. rob

    Ride Tech Talk

    Nah, I can only see five, and part of the writing cuts off on the right too. Must be something wrong with my internet..
  8. rob

    Ride Tech Talk

    Wow, great pictures, thanks. Is there any reson why i cant see all of the pictures? It just cuts off on the right hand side... This seems to happen whenever anyone posts pictures up.
  9. rob

    Disney In Coomera?

    Heres the link to a story about Disneyland in Avalon, Victoria: link EDIT: Sorry, I get it now.
  10. rob

    Time for something new..

    If they were going to build a Simpsons land, maybe it could look something like this:
  11. rob

    Time for something new..

    I like the idea of a Simpsons river rapids ride. Maybe they could theme it to the nuclear power plant and have "acid" green water which the rafts travel along. It would be family friendly, would be indoors (dark ride) as well as outdoors and wouldn't make too much noise. That or replace the Batman simulator with something decent.
  12. rob

    My LPM Idea

    Did you ever submit this plan to LPM Gazza? Just been reading through it and it sounds great!! (even though there is no link anywhere to your plan!?) I think you should have a Space Roller in there somewhere, its a fantastic thrill ride and would look really good at Luna Park. Anyone know if Linsday Fox has any plans to redevelope the place anytime soon?
  13. Anyone else think that Dreamworld made these comments about the coaster up? "This ride is too good - ahead of our time." "Definetly one for the thrill seekers."
  14. All of the rides above were not at the melbourne show either, yet we still got No Limit
  15. rob

    TPA's Twin Flip

    Went to the melbourne show yesterday, and no the twin flip wasnt there.