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  1. looking real good mate. id love to see the finished product!
  2. You will probably find its exactly the same, you should check it out. youll have a great time
  3. hehe this thread looks like it was ancient but since someone revived this thread id like to say that the actual Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant is an excellent show, went there last month and seen the latest fangs n fetish show. Great night for all....and the ghost train was Ok but nothing to write home about, its the show that does it all.
  4. I think the Dreamworld staff know whats going on by now, i went to Dreamworld less than 1 month ago and noticed all the construction work going on, asked the lady in the photoshop after getting off the big drop and she was trying to keep it secret, until my cousin said to her that its gonna be a motorcycle ride and then she started asking who our sources were....so they definitely know whats going up...they may not know if its a thrill ride or a family ride but its not that long to wait now. Cant wait...looks like i need to plan another trip to QLD.
  5. As far as i know there used to be a magic kingdom down my way in Landsvale off the Hume Highway, its been gone for a long time now..park went bust basically and i was told that someone may have hung themself there or something...dunno if this is true or not. Hi by the way i just signed up the other day...interesting reading about the past amusement parks and the ones for the future.
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