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  1. haha probably do. its so weird im like come on you can do that and then when you get that you like nah no way haha. But like im slowly getting there. its only this year i've started riding rides so yes its very arh different but now im addicted to scooby doo so haha.
  2. I'm going to movieworld hopefully this thursday and for the first time in my life im actually considering riding a major thrill ride. I have only ever riden scooby doo and the roadrunner rollercoaster. So i was wondering if anyone could describe what sort of sensations and feeling i would feel and if superman would be a good first coaster, should i start of with something a little less extreme? Thanks.
  3. omg you took a photo in the back area, tut tut hahaha. nice van, i heard those two people that did the wet n wild ads are doing it again this year wez and someone? maybe its to do with them, or that the TODAY show is at wet n wild wendsday... Does anyone know if the dodgems and stuff are up yet? i might head in tomorrow and check it out...
  4. on the scooby doo coaster, why is it shut down nearly everyday, everyday i've been there, there is always a point in the day in which the attraction closed sign is put up? is this a ride problem or are they trying to get rid of the line without more people adding themselves?
  5. isnt that first photo you uploaded scooby doo?
  6. yer, i was at the park today, it is running. It opened yesterday, looks good, didnt get to ride it. Can't really ride it with a uniform on can ya... The water sprays just before you start droping down so by the time you get to the wet section its like a mist you go through. Thing i noticed was a lot of spinning on the two sitting things, as you go up you spin more then when going down.
  7. Yes, i asked the retail manager, the dogems will be an extra charge.
  8. Hey just got back from movieworld and here are some update photos. The carosual is up and running but the tower is not. I asked around, the person i asked called it the bunny hopper and will work like the bat swing, just for kids. Dogems should be up next week and the mid way games are planned to open on tuesday. Here are the photos i took of the loony tunes area today. sorry about quality, they were taken on my mobile.
  9. Thanks, glad to know i wasn't rubbing it in . I'm moving from the checkout at coles to Wet 'n' Wild, so glad im getting out of coles..
  10. The area looks really nice. I've never been to WWW, I'll have to go this summer and check it out.
  11. Where is the jet shooting from? does it just shot everytime the surfboard passes the shooting range? Thanks for the photos.
  12. I'm sorry if this sounds like it is rubbing it in, its not ment to be, but i was successful for a retail postion at Wet 'n' Wild, I have the induction tomorrow at movieworld, can't wait to start
  13. wow, that second picture is reminding me of the ride at seaworld where you pull yourself up and you fall, a small giant drop for kids if you will. Im going to movieworld tomorrow, can't wait to see the changes, i might have to go on the river ride and see the updates i they are in there, i always have had a thing where i have to go on the river ride everytime i go to movieworld. Can't wait.
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