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  1. Rode JL last night at Fright Night. Enjoyed it. There was a sign posted out the front indicating the ride is under 'technical rehearsal' and many of the targets on the ride were not functioning and sometimes the gun vibrated and sometimes it didn't. I'm confident Sally Corp will work on correcting these issues. They were also only operating every second car on the track. I did like the digital projection on fog effect that was quite cool. Also the sound of the scanner at the ride entrance seemed to grind on some of my friends but I didn't mind to much. I think it's a fun ride that just needs some of the bugs fixed.
  2. This doesn't surprise me and I am disgusted with the decision to up-charge for lockers at $1 then double the cost to $2 then charge someone $8 dollars because they went over time. Message to management at Warner Bros Movieworld, back off the up-charging, you charge enough in entry, which should include free access to the rides instead of forced hiring of lockers which gouges tourists and local clientèle.
  3. Because Zane, in this country we have the right to do so. We have a right to have our own opinions and the right to express it. Our opinions may differ from others opinions and we may even argue. The truth is the park is shafting the customer and the customer has the right to express anger. If you don't like this, you have the right to object or not to object, but you have NO right to prevent us from portraying our opinions.
  4. I sent a fairly forceful message to Movieworld's facebook regarding 100% increase to locker hire. It's straight profiteering and entrapment. Many many parks around the world do not insist you store items in lockers to ride the coasters and charge you for the hell of it. They should remove the cost of the lockers or alternatively find another way for people to store their items. People pay significant entry fees and it's not appropriate to further drain locals and tourists by forcing them to use paid lockers. And frankly if Movie World's management had any decency they would write me back, but ofcourse they haven't.
  5. They could purchase a hybrid woodie. Both Intamin and the Gravity Group have hybrid wooden coaster offerings which are more a steel coaster designed like a wooden coaster. They'd theoretically require less upkeep and wouldn't rot away.
  6. My feeling is that I agree with reanimated35. The load unload time is quite slow, part of the reason is that the train is propelled by gravity through the station and it continually brakes to keep the trains speed slow. This process takes around 1-2 minutes from the final block brake to the station. If they added electric kicker wheels to the station section they could better control the train's speed through the station section and be able to return the train to the station much faster.
  7. I just wish they would ensure this ride is in good working order. It appears one car has been under maintenance for ages now. Some of the LEDs on the cars don't work and some of the LEDs on the big Green Lantern sign were dead today. Some of the cars don't play the audio audio (I must add I went today and I was on a car with audio working on the first ride, on the second ride without and it does make a difference).
  8. So I went to Dreamworld for the opening of Buzzsaw. Ride was closed most of the day and they kept on doing test run after test run. As far as the handover story, I'd doubt that would be true as B105 had competition stay in the park Friday night to be the first ones to ride the ride. Once I finally got onboard after a 45 minute wait I was quite impressed with the ride. It's chain drive is noisy but moves smoothly as it slowly flips you upside down as it climbs the loop. The restraint feels very tight at first but as you're hanging upside down it feels like you could fall out which is a bit scary. The ride itself is quite a buzz (excuse the pun) and is quite enjoyable although I would have liked them to do the loop twice in the ride sequence as it would make it a bit more fun being a longer ride. It's well worth a ride I've taken a few photos of the ride and uploaded a video on youtube Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJfQrqbm5DA
  9. Well if they have improved since they have gone over to angus beef then that is great, there was a huge amount of room for improvement. I haven't visited the park since last September so when I renew my passes next year I'll give it another try.
  10. He thinks the food is bad at Dreamworld, if he really wants to try terrible food, he should try burger and chips from Movie World. It's absolutely disgusting and probably the worst burger I've ever had except at Hungry Jacks. They used to make filled focaccia which were nice at the bakery, but the have since stopped doing so.
  11. I am amazed at the naivety of Mr Nioa in his response to Dreamworld, "direct involvement in the caging and exploitation of wild animals for entertainment", I take it he's not aware that tigers are critically endangered and that Tiger Island is an active breeding facility that is used in effort to keep the breed surviving since the species now only exists in captivity. It is not corporately responsible of a business who's primary business is to manufacture weapons then claim that they through provision of funds prevent poaching.
  12. For anyone that's interested Dreamworld have posted a youtube video featuring the new car for TOT2: It looks good in my opinion.
  13. For better rollercoasters, go to MovieWorld. For more attractions and a broader entertainment experience go to Dreamworld.
  14. I just hope this new show isn't a pathetic attempt at entertainment, poorly thought out and ill concieved as was Hollywood stunt driver.
  15. Went to see Hollywood Stunt Driver today, massively dissapointing. It was too short, it had a runtime of 18 minutes. The stunts had very little continuity. The story line and acting were shoddy, the story itself pretty much irrelevant to the whole production. In fact truth be told with a pretext as poor as displayed I don't know why they even bothered to have a story line, why not call it "Generic Car Stunts". I also found the advertising to be somewhat shameless. At a themepark the last thing on my mind is whether I should be changing oil to Castrol edge. Not saying the show doesn't have potential, but I feel that the show needs to be reinterpreted somewhat. It really needs to define it's characters more, it needs to define the context of the show more and it needs to have at least a 30 min runtime
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