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  1. Yeh, this is a shame as it will mean long queues year round. That won't stop me getting a pass but i hope this new pass helps fund a new coaster at movieworld. I would have thought that $200 for a year would have been a better price point, i mean you are effectively getting THREE annual passes. I hope the parks aren't short changing themselves and are able to maintain a decent level of staffing to keep queue times down.
  2. This is great, it is good to hear so much positive feedback about the new Movie World night time parade. I have often wondered why our parks don't have night time parades, and why they don't stay open at night even on occasion (say once a month) for people who work during the day. Looking forward to seeing this new parade myself. It certainly sounds like a decent addition to the park - unlike this "winter wonderland" at dreamworld which is a complete disappointment by the sounds of it. I still think movie world should get another rollercoaster - something akin to scooby doo with awesome the
  3. A fun adult indoor rollercoaster with awesome theming, something similar to Crush's Coaster would be an excellent investment.
  4. A proper adults indoor coaster like space mountain or crush's coaster would be killer!
  5. How busy has movieworld been the last few weeks? Still packed out on a sunday? I am thinking of going this sunday.
  6. Just got an email, 69 bucks for unlimited entry dw & www until june 30. Too little too late?
  7. Doesn't the park open to the public at 10am? If that were the case, and if the breakfast starts at 9am and is short, and takes say 30 minutes that would only leave half an hour of exclusive ride time on superman?
  8. Yep DW needs a decent roller coaster. Currently they have none... cyclone is OK but nothing special and is pretty short. Motocoaster is VERY short (like 30 seconds?). Either an awesome indoor coaster like Crush's Coaster OR a nice long outdoor coaster like the video above.
  9. ok, any evidence to support this announcement?
  10. Must say it is good to see some positive comments from people on this forum. I no longer have any theme park passes but may look at acquiring one in the near future once the peak holiday rush dissipates.
  11. Yeh you can't buy online, you have to call them up.
  12. Dreamworld needs a good rollercoaster, something akin to Crush's Coaster or Aerosmith Rock n roller coaster.
  13. Anyone else bought the Dreamworld & Whitewater World annual World Pass for 99 bucks as per the recent "Silly Sale" email that went out?
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