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  1. "calm down" - lol I reckon, merely pointing out that his uncle feels he has some connection to the work, not that he owned the work.
  2. I agree and thats exactly what we did. Went to the mansion and even after our 30% discount from the Draculas cabaret show, we still felt ripped off. Went directly to Infinity and had a great time! If you're a tourist, maybe one of those things you have to do once, but Im a bit hesitant - that may be pushing it. I was expecting a pretty frightening experience but was particularly dissapointed. Just my opinion
  3. heading to australia next week. The forecast for the 10 days that we are there is rain! Every single day according to the 28 day forecast website. That is so annoying. Anyway, just wondering what usually the best idea to do in terms of the theme parks when its raining? When do rides stop operating? Is it when theres heavy rain or will they stop the coasters as soon as there a spit of rain? Any ideas on a plan of attack? When they say scattered rain and scattered thunderstorms, what do they actually mean? I mean over here in NZ, when it rains, it pours! But some people say, when they say its
  4. Has Gold Coast recovered from all the mad weather? Im off there for 10 days in 13 days time for a holiday, and all this damage thats happened over the past little while is getting me a bit worried that its going to look like a bombsite...? And whats worse? The 28 Day Rain Check website from the Weather Channel says that the 10 days we are there are going to be rain! They had better be wrong!
  5. How exciting for me. Most of my trip will be throught the duration of the SE closure. Is it typical that SE is likely to be closed for the entire 5-15th, or does past experience show that they allow 10 days but only take 5 days (for example)? Or are they required to have the ride closed for that period of time even if maintenance finishes early?
  6. maybe im not following that well, but this topic is about a proposed new childrens ride. How is a mega or giga coaster a childrens ride?
  7. I read it somewhere amongst these forums already but cant track it down again. If you visit DreamWorld with a general admission ticket and then at the end of the day decide you want to come back the following day to DW and visit WwW aswell, is there a special price for this or do you need to buy another 1 day admission?
  8. Is that re-opening later THIS year or NEXT year? They referred to THIS year but when put in context of an annual pass and when considering you would have been looking at the next 12 months Im just a bit unsure! Thanks! (only reason I ask I because I am going to Aussie in Feb 08)
  9. Yea although Im told "it should reopen on the 16th but that could change for any number of reasons" Man I hope they either change the schedule for another date or make sure they DO open again on the 16th. Im so nervous now! 10 days for maintenance seems like a long period of time.
  10. right so I booked my flights and what not to australia for 8 Feb - 18 Feb 08. Thought it would be highly unlikely that the good rides at MW and DW would be down for schedule maintenance during the period - cos Id have to be pretty unlucky for that to happen! Emailed MovieWorld recently and word is that SE is scheduled for maintenance 4 - 15 Feb 08 which leaves me the weekends to ride SE which I imagine is going to be pretty busy! Damn! Always my luck for things to work out completely wrong! Do you guys reckon its worth getting a 14day superpass, visiting MW during the weekdays to do all the
  11. since were 2-3 hours ahead of Aussie here in NZ, Ill get some opinions in here before you aussie guys wake up and go crazy in this post. That massive hideous looking wheel thing I assume is the catapulting mechanism which you can hear winding up before the launch and all those hydraulic hoses are just the pump or whatever to get that big motha spinning. On the track photos it looks like the big steel component in the centre of the track is that part which connects to the train to launch it. Would be cool to see some photos of the scooby doo track.
  12. Wow! Looks fun! Can somebody explain what this is? This is not the launch from SE is it? (I hope we're not missing any photos off the right hand side of the post)
  13. Far out! Thanks guys! All this scrapping just makes me want to go to Sea World myself so I can come back and join in on the argument! Its really just the younger two who arent too keen, but Im struggling to find enough activities to fill up the ten days that we are there so it might pay to make the visit - although Im scared that the day could be better spent on a second trip to DW or MW. Cheers .... continue the scrap!
  14. This has probably been asked time and time again but I suppose each individuals circumstance is different. FOur of us are heading to Gold Coast in Feb08 and we have got 10 days there. My partner is an animal person and so we are going to get the Australia Zoo knocked out of the way on the first day. The rest of the theme parks are all on the agenda too, but Im just not too sure about whether SeaWorld is going to be worth the day and $$$. My partner and I are 23 and we are travelling with two 17 year olds. Obviously me and the two younger ones are keen on the DW and MW but just not sure wheth
  15. One of the biggest reasons stopping me from booking my Gold Coast trip now for February next year is that DreamWorld and MovieWorld dont show their "ride maintenance" schedule going that far - I will be extremely dissapointed if I turn up in Feb only to find one of the better rides not operating because of maintenance! Most of you guys, being roller coaster junkies, is it fairly predictable when rides will be down for maintenance? ie is superman escape due for maintenance in the next 12 months? I suppose it would be a little premature to assume now that there will be no ride maintenance happe
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