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  1. No! Not the Scooby Doo! D: They wouldn't get rid of that anyway, it is too popular. The queue line building is massive, and I've seen it filled on days where the rest of the park seems empty. I guess it is the family coaster of the whole lot, not for little kiddies, but not too intense. Even a great ride for those of us who aren't put off by what are supposed to be the scariest of rides. I would like to see another big coaster, but maybe that's too much to ask. It is in the kids' zone, so they could probably fit multiple kids' attractions in the space left behind. But who are we to spe
  2. 7 news called it a "water thrill ride" which does include log flumes and such. But let's not get all technical on their minimal research and their play with words. It is though, the longest tornado slide, which is quite an achievement as they are extremely popular worldwide.
  3. I can't see this taking off. It could "rival the Sydney Opera House." This is more of a business opportunity than a place with actual historical significance. I can't imagine people coming overseas just to see this. They come to Australia to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. They won't go home and show their friends and family this amazing theme park they went to, they'll show them pictures of themselves at the opera house, not at some replica of something in their own country. And why can business tycoons spend $500M on this when we have parks that are already successful, who do
  4. "Longest Waterslide in the World" Gotta love 7 News haha, not bad publicity for the park though. Looking forward to that tomorrow, though I hope there's a hint of light before the drop so I can brace haha. We'll have to see.
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