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  1. Love Theme Parks

    Dubailand, Dubai

    I read it's costing. 64.3 Billion! Loose pocket change for them, lol
  2. Love Theme Parks

    New multi $Billion Edutainment Theme Park for Australia

    My apologies AlexB I didn't see the 'Planet Lego' when I first looked at the site. But... in all fairness, I went to the fundraising site you gave the link too & looking at the backers it's from April 2013, isn't it a bit presumptuous to say that they have no financial backing now, a lot could've changed since then! As for the 'Fantasmicworld' name, who knows maybe the person has done their research themselves & believe they are safe to use it. Why not offer some advice instead of slamming it & the project creator/designer?
  3. Love Theme Parks

    New multi $Billion Edutainment Theme Park for Australia

    Oh really, does someone really need to give you their facts & figures! Actually no, no fanboy/girl waiting for Disney in oz, I saw what happened with the last proposal!
  4. Love Theme Parks

    New multi $Billion Edutainment Theme Park for Australia

    What a rude lot of people you are! Seriously, here we have someone who wants to build a new Theme Park somewhere here in Australia & you all you can do is make rude comments, but I bet you'd be among the first through the gates! AlexB, how do you know the person has no funding, do you know the person personally! I think not! 'Project Lego', what drugs are you on, I just went to the website, no mention of 'Project Lego' that I can see! To me it looks like the person is considering certain locations & would like the Australian publics feedback! 'Fantasmic' in Disneyworld is a show not the name of a Disney theme park, sounds different to me! Myself, I think it sounds awesome! Since the Gold Coast already has a few theme parks up there I think you should maybe consider Victoria or New South Wales, especially if it is as you say a 365 weatherproof theme park. I'll definitely be watching your progress! Please don't take any notice of the ignorant people above, I'm sure they have negative attitudes about everything!