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  1. I agree, highly unlikely. What would he gain by doing this, if anyone is going to do that just to impress everyone here they really must have no life. Like he said if anyone here was really 'involved' or work within the industry they could confirm his identity by contacting him directly if they really wanted to
  2. Ok, well it was said with tongue in cheek, no need to get all worked up over it. I've seen worse comments here from other members poking fun at Mr Bakas which seem to have gone unnoticed. No one has said anything about that. Theres too much scepticism and negativity around the subject which is why David felt the need to speak up himself, but of course no one is taken seriously around here unless you have a high post count and well known member.
  3. aww im sorry if i hurt his feelings, lets all attack the newbie like you did with David Bakas earlier in the thread, we all saw what opinions everyone had to say about him including you. Good luck getting any further updates from him on this forum.
  4. ^ha in your face gogoboy! Never happening he says...patience is a virtue
  5. I find that hard to believe really, the park never once made a profit during the whole 19 years of operation, seriously? If that's the case it's a miracle the place lasted as long as it did
  6. Just some guys fantasy huh, lets see you eat your words when more news is announced and we get closer to development. According to Wonderland history website... "The Space Probe was sent to Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, but was never erected. It still sits un-erected in a nearby paddock.The reason for this is the cost associated with the concrete footings required, and the cost to upgrade the ride."
  7. Why would you want it to go away? There seems to be a lot of haters here against this guy and what he is doing, I'm not sure why. Being a theme park forum I would have thought this would have been welcome news for most fans. Anyway on a positive note I like how they're planning to have sections of the park dedicated to the old theme park. 'Some of the areas of the park are styled to themes that were once found in the original Wonderland theme park, including Transylvania, Botany Bay and the Gold Rush Country'
  8. check out the Odyssey Parks & Resorts website for their plans for the "Worlds of Wonder" consisting of the Sydney’s Wonderlands theme park, Sydney’s Wilderlands theme park, Sydney’s “Water Lands”- Resort Hotels & Water Parks and Sydney’s Wonderfest Entertainment Complex. http://www.odysseyparksresorts.com/?cat=15 wow this is gonna be huge!
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