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  1. Finally made it up from Sydney this week with lofty expectations and they were most certainly fulfilled! Queue never reached more than about 20 minutes which gave just enough time to recover before riding again. Here are my thoughts... For such a lengthy coaster (by local standards) it manages to pack a real punch right up to the brake run. I have ridden in most parts of the train by now and I would have to say that row 10 is my favourite (best for the first drop). The fall feels a lot longer because of the “pull” from the front of the train. I think Backwards was worth the $10, but it made me feel a little unwell. Lift hill is bloody steep so you end up hanging off the back on the way up. Speaking of the lift hill, it was also very, very quick which is ideal for ride throughput but gives you no time to savour the view. Front seat had a great view until the wind made my eyes water too much. It also just didn’t quite have the same kick as row 10 (in my opinion). Restraints were very nice with no bulky over-the-shoulder contraption. Interestingly, we did see a few larger blokes fail to fit into the seats properly and they had to hop off before the train could depart. Ride ops ran very smoothly with just one train going, with the only delays resulting from the previously mentioned oversized riders. The rotating baskets worked a charm (after realising that my stuff was on the other side and it hadn’t been stolen) and helped move us all away from the train so they could start loading the next set of people on. Backwards seats had varying use throughout the day. Sometimes there would be nobody for 5 runs and then the next 5 would all have backwards riders. It seemed that mostly larger groups were all doing it together so this kind of made sense. Overall I was highly impressed by DC Rivals, and I even bought a stubby holder and the $10 hat (which is actually great value). Movie world is now well and truly getting there as a great park in terms of rides, maybe one more coaster and a few more flats (Huss Giant Frisbee??)
  2. scadam

    Jamberoo Action Park Expansion

    @Gazza For example, the Perfect Storm TV ads that say things like "Longest, fastest water slide ever built". There is definitely longer, and there is definitely faster. Technically, it's the only slide of its kind in the world which is specific to a single manufacturer. On that note, they could do a body bowl with a trapdoor launch, which would probably be an Aussie first. Also, thank you for informing me of those body bowl slides, had no idea they existed!
  3. scadam

    Jamberoo Action Park Expansion

    @Gazza But a Proslide Bowl?? Given all the "records" advertised by Jamberoo, wouldn't be surprised if they did.
  4. scadam

    Jamberoo Action Park Expansion

    And I highly doubt Jamberoo will go with more funnels. It'd be such a strange move. Would much rather see some terrain-hugging speed slides or some tube slides to increase the depth of attractions at the park. Currently it's either solo body slides or 4/5 person raft slides. Proslide Multibump, SuperLoop (SkyBox) and a Pro Bowl 30 side-by-side off the same launch point. Could claim an Australian-first with the Pro Bowl while fitting 3 attractions into a reasonable budget! Dare to dream Will never happen.
  5. scadam

    Movie World New Park Map

    just my personal opinion, i thought the asphalt coloured paths looked more recognisable as paths than the white on first glance.
  6. scadam

    Movie World New Park Map

    I'm a fan. Easier to follow if you've never been to the park before. The old one wasn't bad but this one seems to indicate pathways much more clearly.
  7. scadam

    Jamberoo Action Park Expansion

    Hi all, I'm new to the Parkz forums so I thought I'd finally make a post. Sorry to bump this older thread, was lacking the courage to start a new one and I think the topic fits anyway Found this article from the Illawarra Mercury: First notable point is the mention of theming upgrades for The Perfect Storm. Although there was a strobe installed last season (I think), from this it sounds like it's getting a bit of an upgrade. Hopefully they will have fully darkened the covered Tornado 60. Second point is, once again, a mention of a new attraction in the coming years: Now I will treat this part with some skepticism, but judging by Jamberoo's investments in recent years, this could be something pretty huge. Personally, I was hoping for a Proslide HydroMagnetic Rocket, but judging by this description, that option seems to be out. Side-note: I think that a Hydromagnetic Rocket would do wonders for Jamberoo, maybe they're saving it for further down the track. As another user said, it would be awesome if they built one after all the rest of Kangaroo Island is complete, then it could weave around the other attractions. So at this stage I'm thinking hoping that this might be something like a Behemoth Bowl 40 (or 60!?) then two Tornado WAVE 60's back to back, similar to the one that's just gone in at Volcano Bay in Orlando. I hear that ride is one of their most popular. Ticks both boxes of "world first" and "three rides in one". Then again, it could just be a play on words, and be three different tube / body slides (in some "never-before-seen" combination). What does everybody think?? scadam.