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  1. I know these article’s come out annually and never truly mean anything… but I was wondering if anyone had full access to it? https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/mouse-of-the-south-wild-plan-to-bring-disneyland-to-adelaide-revealed/news-story/2c77d4d3c83e3e4b95e3643b20bceadb?amp&nk=ce93b60df67de56c6b9ed84a2ab24045-1659818442 Thanks
  2. Wait it was removed? I thought it was staying for a lot longer…? (not complaining though - definitely wasn’t the prettiest of sights)
  3. I’m sorry but I find it strange that these people expect Luna Park to do all the heavy lifting during a pandemic. I mean… going outside your back door during these times means you’re taking a risk of catching the virus. Why blame the park? If you’re concerned about the virus… simply don’t go. I understand that there’s an obvious level of expectation placed on businesses regarding the covid-safe management, but there’s only so much LP can enforce.
  4. Yeah I was a bit surprised with the prices too, but I suppose the 50th anniversary definitely added to that. September was cheap(er)… but I’m not sure if I want to risk a trip during Hurricane season. For WDW and Universal Orlando, would you say a week and a half is enough time solo? (Was thinking 3 days universal, disney for a week).
  5. Hmm thanks for the advice. I do like that almost everything can be kept on our phones nowadays, so yeah it definitely would help. I think I'd be more than happy to go solo, especially considering the fact that I know no-one IRL who'd be willing to go to Disney for a week (or at least, this year), however I don't want to get there and be met with a reality shock of feeling 'lonely' haha. Based on your experience(s) though - did you still meet people and interact during your visit? I was looking at going to Walt Disney World for just under a week (due to its sheer size), but I don't want to feel alone or anything because I can't talk to others. I know that might seem like a strange thing to ask, but I would have no idea where to start when it comes to meeting others at Disney. Are there any potential groups I could maybe join during the trip?
  6. Hey guys. With borders open again, I’ve been contemplating travelling to Disney this year. In particular, I was hoping to visit the American parks, but wanted some general input. With you-know-what still going around and proving to be unpredictable, would planning a trip for this year be a smart move? Or should I wait? Also as a side note… has anyone been by them-self to Disney before? And if so… was it worth it?
  7. I hope this gets rectified at some point in the future 😕
  8. I can understand rotor and wild mouse but I’m surprised LN and Sledgehammer are down considering they’re brand new.
  9. Why are staple rides down for maintenance? You’d think they’d at least have Sledgehammer, a new ride, open on opening day
  10. I’m surprised with that banner. I wonder if it’s temporary?
  11. Wasn’t exactly referring to theming. Moreso their overall offering. They wanted to add in multiple rides for people to enjoy, injecting a large sum into a park that quite frankly was needing it. As others pointed out, this wouldn’t have been achievable if they had gone in-depth with theming. I’m not saying this “generic modern design” is superior, I quite admire LP’s theme that it has kept for decades, but Maloney’s corner is only so big and finances aren’t crazy plentiful.
  12. Isn’t Maloney’s corner now “Luna Land”? So if the theming doesn’t correlate to the Midway, is it truly such a bad thing? Outside of theming though, I still think it was all presented nicely. No longer can you see the tyres on attractions like you could with the Ranger, and the base under the Boomerang seems well implemented. I get wanting to have a more cohesive theme to the park, but I think they wanted to broaden their horizons. Besides, they’ve improved the midway over the years with facade touches, so I wouldn’t rule out upgrades in the future.
  13. I think LP owns all the space it ever will own… and quite frankly I think it’s plenty. I do love the idea of the River Caves though. honestly, some other park in the next few decades will probably prop up somewhere in NSW, where all these crazy attractions we desire will spring up. LP suits the ‘boardwalk-esque’ size of its park, so as weird as it might sound, i think it’s great as it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Hmm same way they do it with WM i suppose? I can’t remember if that’s just stairs though… is there any other way to access the wild mouse without stairs or is that the only way?
  15. That was not how I was expecting the train to be themed. Maybe it’s yet to receive a paint job?
  16. Well without getting political, I think the progress that’s been shown is exciting none the less! Always nice to have something to look forward too during times like this
  17. Might be hoping for too much here but I wonder if the BD will be done by the time this lockdown is over… at least, considering the fact that there’s no park visitors so perhaps it’s easier for construction to take place?
  18. No clue on 2019 either, but 2018 definitely did. They were where sillysub is now and were “back to back” in some tent.
  19. Not true. They had two there back in 2018 + MM, plus a house where Volare is. I haven’t been since then so that’s why I was wondering. Makes sense. Glad they’re using big top for it. Thanks.
  20. Slightly off topic to the new rides; but now that a lot of space has been taken up where the houses for Halloscream used to go, does anyone know/have a possible idea on where the houses might go this year? (If this has been talked about in another thread, please link me lol)
  21. Well if they do than so does 7 News... https://youtu.be/biZ_XGfLjk4
  22. Not too sure if Parkz is the best place to talk about a carnival but I felt that people here would know more than anywhere else... I understand that the show is practically identical year after year in terms of rides but noticed that this year Space Roller was missing (a personal favourite of mine). Was curious to see if anyone knows where that ride is/went? There’s also another coaster this year that I hadn’t seen before (nothing crazy new/exciting but for those interested; I believe it’s called “The Edge Wild Mouse”). A great video of the show’s here in case you wanted to get a walk-around tour;
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