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    Staff Vs Written Warnings

    I agree with ya B-Girl, I think i speak for everyone when i say that there will never be another workplace that could compare to wonderland. Everyday was diverse and did not know what to expect. I still have and always will have awesome memories of it.

    Staff Vs Written Warnings

    At the end of the day, you were lucky not to be charged with offensive behaviour, so i wouldn't say you didn't do nothing.

    Demon Going to Visionland

    Sleuth, is that you in the red cap in the pic?

    Interesting Ebay item...

    No i havn't, but ill pass the message on to him.

    Interesting Ebay item...

    Really, how about you say that to his face......i guarantee he will make your nose the same!

    Disney Land Puts in the highest bid for wonderland

    Thats right Daniel.

    Disney Land Puts in the highest bid for wonderland

    Quote: Originally Posted by pantherfan030i was doing some work for a security compnay out there. so i had to let them in.the place looks like a mess at the moment. i hope we see a better theme park come to sydney. we hope they keep updating the rides and make people happy when they keep it upto date. The rides i have seen so far left at wonderland is - Bush beast - beastie - cable cars - dodgems - tasmaina devil. - river rapids - skyhawk - dodgems In response to Pantherfan030, i think you need to stop pulling the info out of your ass, The Skyhawk was pulled down way before the park closed, and the Tasmanian Devil was pulled down 5 months before the park closed. In relation to Disney coming out to the site------Don't think so mate. If you ever did work there(which i doubt), you should know this. No persons from Disney have step foot onto the premises. How do i know? Ive worked there before the park closed and still do.