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  1. saget_104

    Wet 'n' Wild this winter

    maybe u shld just wear thongs or something of the kind?
  2. saget_104

    Movement @ the station

    look, ronald aint coming back thanx to you guys, who got his IP address banned. so basically, you're 'punishing' (????????) yourselves. None of you believed that Ronald would actually go on this expedition, and well, he did. And you have missed out on some great pics that he took of the SPACE PROBE and BUSH BEAST when still standing. Just coz Ronald wasn't a member of your little know-it-all team of geeks, doesnt mean you shouldnt believe him. This forum isnt just about you people you know. Sure, ban me for saying that. That just proves that you are over protective of your precious little forum that forms your social life.
  3. saget_104

    Movement @ the station

    Being a close mate of 'ronald_104' (aka Ronald Littum), I am here to report that yes, Ronald expedition, was a success, and he managed to snap some very good pictures. Its a pity none of you people will ever get to see them, because you were so rude to him and he was banned. You all have some great connections don't you, with your little camera-phone pics taken 300m from the grounds! It looks like Ronald had the last laugh. That is all.