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  1. hey my pass expires on the 22nd and i was wondering wat they offer is it still 50% off or more?? ive extended last year and it was 50% off does any one no?
  2. theres always somthing rong with that ride
  3. well if they can afford a new ride worth like 2 mill they can afford to buy a new helicopter its crap any way most of the times wen i go there it only goes like once
  4. wow that secirity guy was very dum he shouldnt of moved them if they were in a crash
  5. Hey Nope i went today for like 2 hours and its free but the person that tells you what to do is so rude and there is no 1 in there accept people that go on the attraction its blue vs yellow and if u shoot the person that runs the attraction he will fire at any 1 but some 1 has to shoot at him for him to start
  6. hey just wondering about the dreamworld work expirence thing how old do u have to be and do they give u free transport for the days via translink?? and r they doing it these holidays?
  7. yea but like every thing would be double its price
  8. u should have the option to have a camera on your helmet and u can buy ur video of like hole skermish cause i no if they dont il be attacting a camera to my shirt and running around LOL
  9. no they would do better then that cause last time it was like 50% off
  10. Hey Mabey Some 1 who works at dreamworld or any 1 can answer this i got my yearly passes about 2 years ago and last year they offered 50% off and they expire on the 23 of march 2009 what is dreamworld offering for people to extend em?
  11. all i am hoping is that i am wrong and it was the wrong place but i looked every every saw dreamworld studios then looked abit furtheer and it wasnt there
  12. what the hell im sick of this y do i have to write propperly and plus there has been aussie people on big beother in other countrys bfore
  13. nope its comming back next yr on another network or back on ten im so ganna apply in 2011 if its not in aus il apply usa
  14. nope the hole house is gone nothing left accept dirt they might be re making hole new 1 for nxt yr
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