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  1. mark

    Whitewater World website...

    looks to me like its up and running now. not much on there except for the pretty aerial view of the construction site.
  2. mark

    Speculations of MW's new ride

    someone mentioned alot of containers at the site next to SME. does any one have any pics of potential site works or parts that might have been delivered?
  3. mark

    Superman press release

    on ride footage is now up and running at
  4. mark

    New look for

    thanks for the back up adam. I like how there are links now to the satelite images of parks, saves searching on google earth, the hard work is done.
  5. Has everyone checked out the new improved some great new features online now
  6. thanks joz, much more helpful than nev's comments
  7. actually smart ass i meant that it is being built by the same people, will use the same launch system, will be the same length and apart from the top hat looks as though it will basically have a very similar track layout (buy the look of the track pieces). I was simply asking for some helpful advice, a friendly opinion. no need to be a d*#k about it.
  8. will this be similar to Rita: queen of speed???
  9. how far along is the tunnel section now...
  10. :confused: I am in Sydney, so dont really know what is going on up in SE Queensland at the moment. Can someone tell me what is happening with Superman, have they done anything yet or is it all still just a hole in the ground???
  11. something like the poltergiest or mr freeze (bothe premier-rides coasters) would look great. or the jokers jinx
  12. The song on their web site would drive any sane person mad, what were they thinking. I think there wont be any arguing when I say that Rainbow's end wold have to be the crappy'st park in the world.
  13. mark

    The Claw preview

    look at your picture again dim wit, giant drop
  14. mark

    The Claw: questions answered

    Yea, mattcrombie is a twat, Richard can you ban him again please...
  15. mark

    New ride over rivertown area

    I dont get, why they would be building a wedding chapel, how classy the bride walks down the aile to the sound of the tot roaring past - how romantic. You sure they arent building something else.