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  1. It'll be intersting to see peopels views where the next big theme park should be built. 4 in Qld is probably 1 too many. Sydney & Melbourne have institutions such as Luna Park & they'll be compromised. (I know you cant compare the 2 types of parks) Adelaide has no tourism WA is a logical choice for me.
  2. Whilst doing the survey, i realized how mutch I dislike seaworld, not alot of ticking was done in that section.
  3. In the 2nd part of the show, how did they get froghorn leghorn to sync up with the presenter. I never saw them click anything with their hands or feet. Was someone on the otherside of the set listening in & activating something or.....?
  4. 1. Lethal Weapon 2. Wild West Falls 3. Bermuda Triangle 4. Scooby Doo Spoky Coaster 5. The claw 6. Superman Escape 7. Giant Drop 8. Tornado 9. Corkscrew 10. Loony Tunes River Ride
  5. AFTER two-years of delays Glenelg's $1.8 million ferris wheel will be open to the public for the first time this weekend. The 25m high "single-arm" ferris wheel will be officially opened at noon on Saturday. After numerous test rides, The Beachouse wheel at Colley Reserve now has an interrace gate and ramp and is ready to go. Managing director Peter Rimington said he was excited the wheel, ordered from China, would finally be operational. "I get quite excited looking at it ... we are quite proud of the way it looks," Mr Rimington said. "About a year ago we started erecting the wheel and six months ago we started testing it. Now we've just built the ramp so people can get on it." It will cost six credits - $6 - to do one eight and a half minute loop. Mr Rimington said The Beachouse would be open for longer hours during summer - up to 11pm on weekends - giving people a change to ride the wheel during the day or at night. "I can assure everyone the views are just spectacular. He said the wheel would suit punters or all ages. "I went for a ride with my five and seven year-old last week and they had a ball. At the same time my mother and her husband went for a spin and they are 70." The single arm wheel is held up by one giant column, is the first of its kind in Australia and was first predicted to open in late 2006. Planning approval delays, the importation of parts and construction saw its opening delayed several times http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0...71-2682,00.html
  6. Found this little article on Sharecast... LONDON (SHARECAST) - Theme park queue system specialist Lo-Q has agreed a one year trial of its VQ2020 system with the Australian Theme Park, Dreamworld. Dreamworld is located in Coomera, Queensland. The Park will be running the system from 15 December 2008 and it will allow virtual queuing on the park's major attractions. Lo-Q's systems are currently deployed in 8 Six Flags Parks throughout the USA, Dollywood in Tennessee, USA and Legoland Windsor. "Dreamworld is an important step for Lo-Q. It illustrates that our system is truly international and can be deployed anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently," Lo-Q's Sales Director, Colin Robertson commented:
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