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  1. This is probably a stupid question, but what happened to make SW never hold one again?
  2. Hey people, just wondering if anyone from these forums are going to this years D&D ball at Dreamworld. Me and my friends have decided to go because we reckon it would be awesome going to Dreamworld drunk at night and its the last weekend before uni goes back for 2005. Also, has anyone here been to a previous Dreamworld D&D ball and was it any good?
  3. Hey guys, I'm going with a friend to LA towards the end of the year and I am only going to have time to spend about 5 days at theme parks. I will definately visit Disneyland but I'm wondering what other theme parks u recommend. How many days do u suggest at Disneyland and what other theme parks are worth a visit and why?
  4. What I personally would love to see at Dreamworld is a B&M Dive Machine like Sheikra being constructed at Busch Garden Tampa Bay. The ride looks/sounds fantastic! http://www.buschgardens.com/buschgardens/f...la/sheikra.aspx A flying coaster would also be great. If WBMW is getting a Top Hat, I personally don't want Dreamworld to get the same. It would be good if you didn't have to travel to USA to experience awesome rollercoasters. Hopefully we will get 2 completely different types of rollercoasters in the next year! Just my thoughts Merry Christmas guys!!!
  5. Yeah I have to agree with you Brady. I love toboggan slides especially the dreamworld and wet'n'wild double screamer, but i was petrified of the amazons one, I swear it was steeper than the others. And the flume-of-dume was evil, it had these bits of plastic sticking out of the slide near the end to slow you down and me and my friend were sitting to much through the tube and it friggen hurt our asses:P lol. The tube ride at dreamworld was pretty rought in the cracks before it got redone a few years back. Soz to get off topic guys!
  6. Hey Rabid, with what you said "they already know what they're buying they just wanna get the right one". I assume this means you know what they're buying and would you be able to give me a hint at all. I apologise if this has already been asked or discussed in another forum - sorry guys! Thanx
  7. Hey, I just read your guidelines and I didn't realise that we had to punctuate properly, so sorry about my 2 previous posts guys.
  8. hey, thanks for those pics, they look great...its good to see dreamworld put effort into the launch of a new ride....does anyone know if there were any "hiccups" in todays media launch? (btw, sorry if i say dumb things guys, but im new to this ) thanx
  9. yeah it was mark baretta, the ride looks awesome...the themeing looks mad, i love those claws lol, the only problem was that the dreamworld ceo (i forget his name) kept stumbling over waht he was saying - he seemed really nervous, but yeah the ride looks awesome - i can't wait to ride it next week
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