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  1. I have a couple of construction photos of the main st area somewhere. I will try and find them and post them up.
  2. Did you read the first line? Your answer is there.
  3. SE restraints were fine for me and my girl. Never had a sore neck or anything.
  4. From the pictures the area looks very nice.
  5. Has anyone heard whats going on? I heard the other day that it's a indefinite maintenance closure as some of the parts are proving difficult to procure due to it's age.
  6. Yeah your good at this copy and paste of info from one site to another.
  7. Well why do you read them?? No one is making you!!
  8. http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/260543120tpuenr Try this site.
  9. Get over it,Who really cares what park its at. Its another coaster in AUS.
  10. May be it is just a standard key chain design that any park can buy.
  11. Yeah i noticed the rubbish in TOT as well, I think the guests should just learn how to put rubbish in the bins, simple. What was the claw like? When i was there it was getting sanded back and repainted, that was around Jan this year.
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