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  1. yea i dont remember anything like that either? unless you mean the handbrake turns while in reverse? also, i just watched a 30sec clip on youtube from a ch9 Extra segment they did on the show while it was still being built and it showed the bike rider in a flamesuit rolling around?? also, every video on youtube shows a different set of stunts. how often do they change the routine? or is there like 5 set shows working on a roster? and how many cars are there actually in this production? 4 black 1 red 1 dummy red ??
  2. wasnt there some kind of game show at movieworld at one stage? was hosted by larry emdur iirc and had some kind of gold/mine theme? possibly in the maverick show studio? damn i miss all the old stuff. oh well, thanks to q150, im going back tomorrow to enjoy the new stuff for about the 4th time in a month. edit: Just found it, it was called "Cash Bonanza" and did use the maverik studio. i just randomly rememberd going to a show once. weird
  3. all they need to do now is remove and rebuild one track piece and its a brand new ride again
  4. so hang on, is there 2 red cars + dummy? the way i read what you said red car A has been doing stunts in the arena, moves up ramp and parks in building just before "jump". dummy car makes "jump". red car B then exits back into the arena down the bottom. surely that couldnt be right or thats a waste of a car. if thats true however, wouldnt it be easier to just put the dummy car on a track from the top of the ramp, over the jump then into the building? cheers for the reply too, i was worried these forums were dead. oh and klassen24, whats your job at WVTP?
  5. just out of interest, the final jump stunt at the end, is that actually real? (well obviously its not a jump, but is it the same car?) im thinking its not and when the screen shows the pre-recorded red car drive up the ramp and appear on the top level, that the car instead stays on the bottom level, drives to the exit building and waits. a dummy car on a track then enters view, goes into the building then across the "jump" and triggers the explosion. of course i could be wrong. secondly, does anyone have an old map before SE and HWSD back when the park still had the special effects show and studio tour?
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