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  1. If it's unlimited then go for it. But I'm just going by what I was told.
  2. $15 was barely tolerable for one ride. Upping it another $4 just because they can is a bit rich. I mean sure they know people are paying and will pay for it, but it's just money grabbing because they can. Why does it need to be on its own fast track? Why not make it an additional tier for the existing one? We pay for backwards, we pay for fast track, soon enough they'll charge for general entry and single rider. Plus I'm known for complaining about everything, so why not this too.
  3. Maybe with their move to Accesso next year, we'll get some tiered fast tracks?
  4. https://www.intaminworldwide.com/goliath-adventure-world-perth-australia/
  5. This has just been passed on to me, so I'm trusting it's correct, if not, I apologise. Anyway...... Plan on riding fast track soon? Better byo lube or they're going in dry on this one. Fast track for Rivals has been bumped up to $19. Let that sink in. NINETEEN DOLLARS For once, theme park food is looking cheap in comparison. Now I make a comfortable living. I get by. I don't get by paying $20 to ride a roller coaster once. Yes it's an upcharge, but $20 for a single ride??!! Better off just waiting for the backwards seats and save yourself the money. Is it a fair price? IMO not even close. Would I recommend anyone pay it? Hell no. Will some people disagree with me? Sure and more power to them if they can afford to be gouged every time they visit the park.
  6. It seems this has gone largely unnoticed, so here we are. The team that brought the QBot system to Dreamworld are now partnered with VRTP to overhaul the ticketing system at VRTP. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section just wishful thinking Could this see the potential for a Q4U type offering for Village parks? The Prism system could integrate basically all of their existing upcharges into one small wearable device. http://accesso.com/solutions/loqueue/prism ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://goo.gl/cwHhZu
  7. @joz @djrappa @Roachie one of you guys have to know the story behind this?
  8. I don't recall this happen at all. But it has been a long time since I've ridden. I'd say a wheel issue. Well not really an issue as such, but just wear/delamination of the wheel.
  9. you're getting all the sneaky peaks before they end up on socials. Feel spesh?
  10. And they said our map was a clusterfuck. (I know it works fine when you zoom in - something MW should fix on theirs)
  11. This is true, but you need to realise who you're dealing with. Humans. People suck.
  12. Time to share your pics from this year's event. I found this years event a lot harder to photograph. The lighting was a lot harder to work with, but the event seemed a bit brighter. Not really sure how that works, but I guess it poses a challenge at least. And for all my complaining last year about the purple lighting, this image was blue when I started.
  13. I must say these shade sails are quite different to what I expected them to have. They do fit the modern look of the ride. Having not experienced a shade sail as see through as these, it will be interesting to see how it goes in the peak summer heat. Given how busy the ride would likely be, I'm a little surprised it doesn't cover the whole queue line. Hopefully this is a sign that we'll see 2 trains in operation most times and the queue will move pretty quickly.
  14. Alright, I've had another look at this today, so lets have a look at this in more detail. The Map: Let's enter the park as a first time visitor and turn left, working our way around the park from there. First off, I'm happy with Green Lantern. The colour, the position, it's all pretty straight forward and works. However. When did the creek become either a bike path or a river of slime passing by the park? This isn't Dreamworld's river, this is a creek that should be the same colour as the body of water on the left that it should run to. Moving over to Rivals. The placement of the tag is so very close, but just a little off where it needs to be. I don't remember the Rivals station being the Justice League ride. The queue path to it itself isn't that bad. I'm ok with it. IMO it doesn't need to show the full ride. Although I do distinctly remember a large joker head on top of the ride. Sure, it's there. But it's hardly pronounced or even close to visible on the map. Justice League - they've done alright. They've even managed to get the off centre building facade in there and the trees and statue out the front. Not bad. Ok, so that corner of the park is fairly easy to navigate, going to head back towards main street. Not sure what this giant tower thing on my left is. Seems to be Batman themed but there's nothing there on the map. Better keep moving. Strangely I've now come to this rather large path that the map seems to say should be a tiny footpath. I assume I'm allowed to walk up here, however with it being next on the map, I want to experience this Batwing ride before I move on. Alright, now that I've walked through the gardens and hedges that seem to be where this path is supposed to be, and now this building I'm standing in front of is apparently the Batwing Spaceshot. There's no theming or any sign of a queue. If it was me, I'd probably use that random tower ride looking thing I passed before as the spaceshot ride instead of this closed off building, but you know, the park knows best. I wait for 5 minutes and leave disappointingly that no one seemed to come and let me into this building. Time for Superman Escape now. This one's pretty easy to find and I ride it without issue. Next on the map is what I assume is an army themed coaster, despite the "Arkham Asylum" name. I expect to see a bunch of tanks to match the track and roof colour. Maybe this is an army asylum? Imagine my surprise when I arrive at the ride to find a grey tracked ride themed to DC Villains. Why is this ride green on the map? Where's all the army theming? Was the ride originally army themed? Is the ride about to be painted green to match the map? Is it such a terrible ride that they're trying to hide it from the public so no one remembers that it's there? Maybe it's part of the asylum theme, I'm not sure. But I've now exited the asylum and wanting to get over to main street. It looks like there's a path I could take, but checking the map, all I can see is these two buildings merged into each other. Maybe I'm better off being locked in the asylum. Confused and clearly delusional, I walk back through the gardens on the non existent path and arrive back beside the roundabout. Taking a left, it's time to arrive at guest services. I wont dock them points for not showing the room on the map, makes sense to see what's under there. I find guest services easy enough and now it's time for a 4D movie. As I make my way over to the Roxy 4D Theatre I pass an empty street that should be filled with statues according to the map. I'm disappointed to not have these statues out all the time. Movie's done. Now where to go? I think the Kids WB! Fun Zone is best. Not sure what's going on in this area. It's a fairly small area filled with kids rides, but I can't see where I'm going on the map. And why did they put one ride within the stunt arena? That hardly seems safe. Looking at the map, are there any paths here? Apparently not. Confused, I leave the area and head over towards the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. This was pretty easy to find. I do find it strange however that there's a show and eating area in the park, but not on the map. Guess it's off limits. Some people haven't realised it's closed but don't seem to have trouble getting food. Did I maybe pick up the wrong map at the entrance?? All I've got is this conjoined buildings. Time to experience the Super Villains Unleashed.... show? .....ride? .....movie? Not really sure what that is as there's no signs in the park to point me in the right direction. Must have been removed I guess. I'll check out this Doomsday Destroyer. Seems fairly accurate on the map location wise. Well, from what I can make out of it though. It really blends in. Also interesting to note that the arms are not this camo brown on the map, but more of an off-white lighter colour. With that ride done, I planed on checking out this "Wild West Falls Adventure Ride" however with no path to it on the map, I turn and leave, yet again disappointed. I check these Fair games, Intencity and dodgems area out, not bad, easy to find. The last thing left for me to do now is watch this "Hollywood Stunt Driver 2" show. Easy enough to find I guess. Wouldn't hurt to label the entrance on the map though. Home time now. I seem to have missed a lot of the rides and been very confused by the paths and colours, but here we are. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Too long; Didn't read? (I wouldn't have read it either, but if you did, virtual high five!) Despite what I said earlier, this is really nothing more than a guide. It kind of works on the website, but not as a printed map. The colours are wrong on some rides. Labels are not aligned where they belong. Parade floats are pointlessly in the street. Not only that, but the image is available on the website, but only in one resolution. The more you zoom, the less you can read. It needs to be redone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now as has been pointed out before, I'm an entitled asshole who demands everything from the park, so I'll say, what, a 3 month time-frame for them to fix this before complaining again? Deal.
  15. Ah, sorry, thought we were talking about the queue room. My bad. That corridor has always needed something to pass the time.
  16. Maybe if the queue videos weren't so boring they'd have something to entertain themselves with.
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