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  1. Proposed cinema complex at LPS looks interesting? Not sure what it means for the location of the planned Flying Carousel? Thought that would go on the old UFO site.
  2. Bruiser


    Zipper is an all time classic carnie ride. Worth the $5 for sure.
  3. Just saw the new Luna Park Sydney advertisement. It features the Wild Mouse, Spider and Ranger. Looks great and finishes with the slogan "release your lunatic". It also mentions Sydney's latest new ride the Hard Rock and the ice skating for the school holidays, but no pictures.
  4. Bruiser

    Orphan Rocker

    Whilst at the airport yesterday talking to a friend from Katoomba about the Orphan Rocker, a tourist next to me overheard the conversation and said she had been at Scenic World the day before and had seen the coaster being tested. She said the train had what appeared to be dummy bags in it which had fallen out during the test. :eek: Sadly, I guess we will be waiting alot longer before we get the chance to ride it.
  5. Bruiser

    Carnival Scene

    For anyone interested, Stateline now has the transcript online:
  6. Bruiser

    Who originally owned wonderland?

    Wow, what a bargain considering what they've made from the park since.
  7. Bruiser

    Carnival Scene

    The story basically discussed how the Bell family went from Boxing Tents to the amusement/carnival business when the NSW government outlawed the boxing tents in the 70s. It goes on to show the history of the family business from the first stall they invested in, to today where they operate rides, games and stalls. Footage of the rides, games, stalls etc owned by the family was also included. The only cool ride I saw was the Scorpion. According to the Mr Bell, the family travels to over 50 shows a year and are based in Canberra. Mr Bell then went on to dicuss the difficulties the industry faced with insurance problems and complying with new government regulations. It concluded by saying the future was uncertain for the industry and the Bell family amusements in particular.
  8. Bruiser

    Carnival Scene

    For those in NSW who missed Stateline last night on the ABC, there was an interesting story on the Bell family amusements and the travelling carnival scene. It is being repeated today and is just starting now for those interested. The story is basically about the families history and where they are today. The difficulties government regulations, insurance etc present for the industry are also discussed. Worth catching if you get the chance.
  9. I wish in the original plans for LPS they went with the Scorpion as opposed to the Tumble Bug (Troika) they have there now. Troika is just too slow in my opinion. Pretty lame ride actually.
  10. Cheers Huss. You're right about the La Bamba and the cool backdrop.
  11. Forgive my ignorance guys, but is the Dominator also known as the Miami or Wittingslow's La Bamba: Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to see whilst it was at LPS.
  12. Sounds like a good start. Any room/potential for my favourite the Zipper?
  13. Not sure if there is space available but the Ranger would be great closer to the ocean. That aside, I hope the talk of new thrill rides at Luna Park is true, particularly the Hard Rock and Mega Drop. LPS definately needs more thrilling rides. I wouldn't even mind my old favourite the Zipper squeezing in somewhere in the park.
  14. Bruiser

    Huge attendance @ Luna Park Syd

    Great news for LPS no doubt. Like you, I just hope the profits are invested in the amusement park side of things. New thrill rides would be a good start.
  15. Bruiser

    New attractions coming in 2005.

    No doubt, as an example, those living under the flight path of Sydney airport have had great success in closing down the airport. I'm just confused as to why it is you start a new thread on the so-called new attractions for Luna Park, yet it is not until post #55 that we find out exactly what it is that you supposedly know. I don't want phone numbers and addresses of the people you know. Like others here no doubt, we just want you to share the info you are supposed to have. Information sharing is the purpose of the forum isn't it? I apologise, I have you confused with the other former Wonderland ride operator. I hope your information is wrong concerning the permanent rides from Wonderland. LPS is already seriously lacking in the thrills department with its current ride line up. The rides you previously mentioned from Wonderland leave me thinking one word to describe LPS - boring. A mix of carnival rides would be more appealing to me if your information is correct. Time will tell I guess.