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  1. I must admit it was a rumour i heard from other staff, so I may be wrong
  2. Wouldnt want to get into detail incase i get into trouble
  3. Idk about bakery.. I know why gotham was closed
  4. There were loads of camera crews there during the first show I worked at this morn
  5. Nope, it went Shrek 4D - Journey 1 - Ice age Dawn of dinosaurs - Journey 2 (Mysterious Island)
  6. 90% sure itll be a SkyScreamer, cant think of anything else
  7. Wtf @ wipeout being closed for 5 months
  8. Are you a dancer? entertainer? did you have any experience before you applied?
  9. So as lame as it sounds I would love to have a job as one of the looney tunes characters at movie world.. What does it take? Is there an age restriction? Do you need to have good experience in dance/circus schools? Can you get a job for taking photos and not dancing in shows? Do you audition? If anyone has had experience in this and would tell me more about it that would be good to.. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know what shirts they sell at white Christmas? Preferbly the ones they sell during the day too? If it's on the park map can someone please take a photo? Thanks
  11. From pictures ive noticed that they had made a small upwards seating pit (dont know what to call it) in the left grass pit near the big screen and one in front of superman. Very good idea after last years complaints about not being able to see shows due to crowds...
  12. Anyone know what happens at school traineeship orientation day at movie world? People who got it at sea world are going too..
  13. No I dont even have a piercing, i wanted to get one though.. I got the job, I was just wondering for my orientation day
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