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  1. Does all the effects mean the steam on the 2 exits of the building on SE?
  2. I was looking at six flags over georgia cause thats the last six flags park i hit before orlando.
  3. Six flags stop opening throughout the week after the first week in august and disneys hotels change from summer peak period to value season on the 5th, wouldn't that mean holidays would be over by then?
  4. Will florida crowds be down by august, im thinking of doing the rest of the us during juneand july using fast lane and flash pass along the way and arriving in orlando the start of august to miss the summer holiday crowds. How does that sound?
  5. Another thing thats been bothering me is i'm 193cms tall without shoes on. I could hardly fit on cyclone and superman escape was a bit tight on my shoulders, would my height prevent me going on any coasters, particularly stand up ones? I think most max heights are around the 195 to 2m mark?
  6. I'm planning on doing WDW now, probably staying at one of their hotels for a week or two during september. So no need to worry.
  7. Good to see their keeping prices down but i'd rather a cheaper pass without skypoint
  8. So disney and universal are open 365 days a year but six flags and cedar fair are open through the week for pretty much only the summer holidays. Why? If i had to choose from land or world which should i pick. Helpfull replies too guys thanks. Until june 13 qantas holidays are offering return flights, 7 days accomodation and 6 day disney resort pass for just $2833 twin share if anyones interested.
  9. I don't really know much about disney to be honest, i'd go to world in florida not land but. Are they open all year unlike most other parks and are they real busy? We're three guys in our twenties so not sure if we'd be heaps impressed by it. Literally just saw it on getaway and it looks pretty insane but thoughts?
  10. Hi all, i'm planning a US theme park orientated trip for next year and am going for about two months. I want to get to as many parks as possible and i'm not interested in disney. Looking at universal florida, sea world florida, some six flags parks, cedar fair parks and anything else that can't be missed. I've heard six flags parks aren't that great, is that true? Also what is your opinions on parks i have to get to.
  11. New trains sound good, the current ones are terrible for tall people. They say the max height to ride is 2m, i'm 193cm, my legs barely fit in the car, the otsr's sat about 100mm off my lap and the only thing holding me in the the restraints clamped onto by shoulders. Every other ride i fit on with SE and SV being the next culprits for short rider design. New trains please.
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