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  1. It's up to you, any of the choices could have been dark rides, just wasn't specific
  2. Thank you but very odd they added the storm because of expenses
  3. I know this is off topic, but why did the Bermuda Triangle shut down?
  4. If any Theme park on the Gold Coast was to add a new themed section, what would you want it to be and what would it include. Ive also attached a pole but feel free to comment elaborate ideas. Looking forward to reading them Thankyou
  5. What could the future hold, 2016 is coming to an end with many ups like DC Doomsday Destroyer, refurbishments and more and also downs like the event at Dreamworld. Although I'd like to ask what you hope for the theme parks in the coming year (excluding rumoured Rollercoaster for Movie World.)
  6. They could definitely refurbish it and add some caves and theming, it is a quite bland ride but a popular one:)
  7. I think they are moving towards, dare I say it, a Paradise Country type park, mainly for tourists, but that would be odd considering the Storm coaster was bulit in I believe 2013
  8. Not sure if this helps, but I'll leave a link to a really quick scan of the premises that I took just yesterday 05/11/16
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