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  1. According to Dreamworlds website, everything is now open apart from the Log Ride. This includes temple of Huey which didn’t look near complete when I last saw it.
  2. Path update also it seems something is going above the stairs? And the slides
  3. @themagician The video for SV was what I included in the video. That’s what is played for the minute or so I was there. Its good to see the park is being practically refurbished. But I hope to see that Dreamworld in 2020 can focus more on providing new areas and attractions because the park really needs more new rides even after the new coaster. We’re down too only 7 thrill rides right now. And some should not be considered thrill rides... mdmc, tailspin Either way, this has all been needed at the park, let’s look to the long term future now.
  4. I can literally go there once every three or so days and something new is always happening. It’s crazy when you consider how stagnant the Village parks have been in doing general works around the park.
  5. - New path under Giant Drop - Shaded Seating Area opening soon? - New SV video and no store exit
  6. Never mind, you’re right. That’s when you buy the annual pass at the gate that it is only 12 months.
  7. One difference is the pass lasts 12 months with no bonus month.
  8. This is the best marketing I’ve seen from Dreamworld in a while. Excellent stuff!
  9. Firstly, regarding the concern of the Log Rides future, it has been cleaned up and looked much better today. There is a new pass soon to be offered which grants access to WWW from December through to February, yet to be announced. The emphasis on Australia’s biggest theme park seems to be back with this being a key feature on the billboard updates. It’s also at the front of the park when you enter now. The smaller billboard features Sky Voyager and a new show coming these summer holidays. The repaint has started on Temple of Huey but only on the snake head of one slide. Fully Six has some sort of entrance being constructed. Finally, the pathing near TOT has had lighting installed above it.
  10. It’s entry from December to February for 99 dollars to WWW which is odd because I thought you would at least get entry into both parks. The billboard isn’t complete yet. I’d guess an announcement will come tonight or tomorrow.
  11. Regarding something being put on in the wave pool, the current status from Jetpack events is - “There is talk of a regular show in January.”
  12. The BRO has been reopened Triple Vortex has reopened and was not painted. Temple of Huey has scaffolding around it. The RIP has reopened TOT is off the map in park. The only painting that can be seen so far on The Little Rippers. Trolls is still being deconstructed. The Log Ride is going to be closed until next year. No progress has been made at the site of the new rollercoaster. Poles have gone up along the path connecting Tiger Island and Kids World. The Shaded Seating Area is underway.
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