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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Am I correct in assuming that each major ride has one scheduled maintenance period a year or are there multiple? Does anyone know if the approximate date for this is consistent each year and if so, what date/s is Superman due for maintenance this year? Cheers.
  2. Does anyone know how far in advance scheduled maintenance is booked in for the attractions? I am looking at visiting the theme parks in March 2009 but would like to ensure that none of the big attactions (ie Superman, Batwing, Lethal Weapon, The Claw, Giant Drop etc.) are scheduled for annual maintenance at this time. Last time I visited The Claw at Dreamworld was down for scheduled maintenance and Lethal Weapon at Movie World had unscheduled maintenance. Living in Perth I can only afford to visit every three years or so, so it would be great if at time of booking my trip I had some idea what
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think we will play it by ear on the day. We arrive late on the Saturday (after travelling from Perth with 2 little kids !) so it depends how (and when) we wake up on the Sunday !
  4. Can anyone tell me whether Seaworld (and the other parks in general) is infinitely busier on the weekends than it is on weekdays :confused: I was planning to visit the park on the 7th March but now that it has been announced that the Corkscrew roller coaster will be closed from the 7th for maintenance I am wondering whether it is worth going on the Sunday 6th ? It is also most annoying that both Corkscrew and Lethal Weapon will be closed during some of the same time :mad:
  5. Yeah I rode it a few years ago. I actually thought it was quote good considering how old it must be. What do they plan to do with it ?
  6. A couple of years ago my wife and I went to USA & Canada and went a bit coaster crazy. Places we went to included: Six Flags Magic Mountain Six Flags Marine World Disneyland Universal Studios Buffalo Bills Las Vegas Santa Monica Pier. We would love to go back. Would like to go to Cedar Point and some more Six Flags.
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