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  1. beetlecoaster

    *Music video: Silver Star*

    For some weeks now I didn't post anyting over here, but I was a bit busy Anyway, in July I made a trip to Europa Park, the biggest themepark in Germany with the highest rollercoaster of Europe! And ofcourse I had to make a nice video of this one! And here it is: This video is made with microsoft moviemaker 2, so you need the right codec. If you have Windows 98 or older than you have to download this player to watch the video: I hope you'll all enjoy the video!
  2. beetlecoaster

    Corkscrew Video

    Great video mix. And indeed smooth onride! Nice video to put into my collection, hope you'll make more soon
  3. Some weeks ago I went to the Belgian park bobbejaanland while the last time I went was a lot of years ago. I was very surprised to see that a lot has changed. From 1 hour filming I took some nice shots. I hope you all like the video! You can download the video over HERE
  4. beetlecoaster

    Six Flags Taking Over?

    Indeed, but still It's a big risk. Ofcourse we hope that Six Flags will keep WBMW goldcoast as good as it is right now, but the chance stays big it will go the same way as WBMW Germany. Anyway, if I could choose I won't choose for Six Flags to run the park.
  5. beetlecoaster

    Other thrills...

    That sling shot I went on was not as fast as that. Only 110 km/h if I'm right. But it's a transportable version so it can't be to big. Anyway, I got 3 cousins (1 over here and 2 live in Australia) and they went on that one. They even got it on tape, so funny to see their faces
  6. beetlecoaster

    Luna Park Pictures (Not Off The Web)

    Great pictures! And indeed, we want to see more !
  7. Superwirbel was one of the smoothest vekoma whirlwind coasters. But in this season they replaced a lot of parts on the train, it looks like a modern Vekoma train now. But instead of making it smoother than it already was, the coaster became very rough. When I and 24 others were at Vekoma on june 26 (yes, we had a tour at Vekoma) someone asked about it. They said that some parts were not placed good enough, but with some small adjustments it will be as smooth as before again
  8. Yes, today Richard started again to set a new guinness world record. Now by guinness rules. Every 8 hours he gets 15 minutes time out of the coasters. That 24 hours a day. From 18:00 to 10:00 he rides Superwirbel, a Vekoma corscrew, and the rest of the time Expedition GeForce as in 2002. I wish Rodriguez much luck! More info and a webcam:
  9. beetlecoaster

    TTD Will Live!

    It were already fake tires, but if they are going to put new ones back, which are lighter, than they will look even more fake :? But if it solves some problems it's ok.
  10. beetlecoaster

    I Won A Free Wonderpass!

    Great you won that! Have much fun with it
  11. beetlecoaster

    WBMW Australia vs WBMW Germany

    Some websites about WBMW Germany:
  12. beetlecoaster

    SFMM - X and Viper In Danger!

    X with fire, that's a nice thrill 8) But such a things happen...
  13. beetlecoaster

    Other thrills...

    Which other kinds of thrills have you had??? Bungee jumping etc. Here 2 pictures of what I have had: I'm the right person... This one is called the Bungee Bullet. Somewhere @ the Goldcoast they have one like this too if I'm right. And this picture of me falling was taken last week. It's a new kind of thrill called Scad Dive. They let you fall without any cables into a net. The free fall is 45 meters. The drop starts at 60 meters high. Very amazing this one! Do some of you have other pictures of yourself in such a rides?
  14. beetlecoaster

    TTD Will Live!

    I've never been to the USA, so I don't know which is better. But a lot of the people of the ACE that went on the Europe tour say that the Dutch Goliath is much better.
  15. beetlecoaster

    TTD Will Live!

    That's right, some had to be strengthened. But it was Intamin who tried to do something else with the supports. Not Werner Stengel as much people think. But some other coasters still have the supports as Goliath had before they were strengthened. They run without any problems. So Goliath just needs more strength then they thought.