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  1. Did you happen to remember seeing a half-mental man riding it, named Kevin? Maybe some of that cash might've been his dreamt supply of Wonderpasses.
  2. Yep, and they just have to be discussing a Disney themed Sport centre too! How exciting. >_>
  3. Andy_q69

    Halo 2

    Why thanks. I take that as a great compliment.
  4. And some 'killer' theming if you know what I mean.
  5. For the next animal they should get a rare and/or unique and unknown one so more people can learn about how precious marine life is. Animals like Belugas, Porpoises, Otters, Manta Rays or Squid and Giant Octopii. Although they most probably won't happen, but it's something I'd like to see there.
  6. ^^ That's what you call a desperate 14 year old. Anyways, so this coaster is going to be the second Storm Runner? Sounds awesome. The three barrel rolls won't compare to Colossus' ones though. >=D
  7. The Gold Coast has some of the hottest weather in the urban parts of Australia, I can't imagine an ice-themed place there. O_o Most of the park is too 'aussie' to get something like that.
  8. There was also that full cycle of it on some Aussie theme park site. Can't remember the name, but a search on Google may find it, unless it's closed down since it's been almost a year since I've viewed it. It had ToT, GD, & more.
  9. There is. The Claw is a 32-passenger, and the other one at the bottom of the page is 40 passengers, and there is bound to be more than one.
  10. LMAO. First pinball, now Kill Bill? Argh.
  11. Andy_q69

    Halo 2

    Watch when I own you guys on it when I get Xbox Live.
  12. Lol a ride themed to Big Brother? Ooo, a walkthrough with two eyes with overgrown eyebrows looking at you for the whole time. AMAZING. If you want a BB themed ride, go and visit the house and go through that glass viewing thing.
  13. Pretty boring in my opinion. The fastest slide is Double Screamer I think..?
  14. Wow, the Dugong definately sounds interesting. If it was Turtles, I would visit the park everytime because I own two turtles, yay. (Which I got about 2 months ago)
  15. Or they could put a big B&M flyer that gliders over the water out on the harbour that weaved through all the docks. Just kidding.. Ummm.. could they go with a Claw? That would be nice. (Easter show one..)
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