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  1. i've grown a fair bit since sometime last year.
  2. I think a bit more classy, although all the rides would do a lot of good for all of us. We would all ride our first ever 4D coaster!
  3. Isnt it exactly the same as the first just with new players
  4. steve$

    Nintendo DS

    I have an XBOX which is mine and My brother bought a PS2 off eBay. NIntendo DS looks cool with the 2 screens, one for touching and the other with the actual game display on it. I'm sure its advanced enough but i really dont have a purpose for it. Im not gonna be sitting down at high school playing little electronic gaming device
  5. steve$

    Nintendo DS

    I'm over these little handhelp gaming things. I already have an XBOX and a PS2 in my house so i dont need anymore!
  6. The coaster could end up being alot more advanced than we think. This might not be your standard coaster. Superman: Escape Please dont tell me theyre building another launched Superman: The Escape like at SFMM
  7. It should. It is very much better than just your standard on ride photo,such as the one from wild mouse at Luna Park Sydney, I have like 10 of those!
  8. No Way. THat just isn't possible with the length of the launch track required to get a car up that tower
  9. Is the Hard Rock the same one that is hired out LUna Park at the moment?
  10. It aint looking to good for the rest of the forums at the moment. Thing sar elooking increasingly good for Pin142
  11. Yeah,same,cant wait to try out all the rides at the easter show,been so logn sicne i last went.........
  12. If they owned that land it would of made a better picnic area hey,What a great view,you could see the city,harbour bridge,opera house and sydney at it's best
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