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  1. steve$

    Space Probe - The Early Days

    i've grown a fair bit since sometime last year.
  2. I think a bit more classy, although all the rides would do a lot of good for all of us. We would all ride our first ever 4D coaster!
  3. steve$

    Rugby League 2 PC and PS2 Game

    Isnt it exactly the same as the first just with new players
  4. steve$

    Space Probe Intruder

    Dont Ask Me Pattie
  5. steve$

    Nintendo DS

    I have an XBOX which is mine and My brother bought a PS2 off eBay. NIntendo DS looks cool with the 2 screens, one for touching and the other with the actual game display on it. I'm sure its advanced enough but i really dont have a purpose for it. Im not gonna be sitting down at high school playing little electronic gaming device
  6. steve$

    Nintendo DS

    I'm over these little handhelp gaming things. I already have an XBOX and a PS2 in my house so i dont need anymore!
  7. steve$

    ...and so it begins;

    The coaster could end up being alot more advanced than we think. This might not be your standard coaster. Superman: Escape Please dont tell me theyre building another launched Superman: The Escape like at SFMM
  8. steve$

    Rider Cam

    It should. It is very much better than just your standard on ride photo,such as the one from wild mouse at Luna Park Sydney, I have like 10 of those!
  9. steve$

    Superman: Ride of steel

    No Way. THat just isn't possible with the length of the launch track required to get a car up that tower
  10. steve$

    tpa carnival new rides

    Is the Hard Rock the same one that is hired out LUna Park at the moment?
  11. steve$

    RC No Limits Challenge 1 – Thunderbolt Thrills

    It aint looking to good for the rest of the forums at the moment. Thing sar elooking increasingly good for Pin142
  12. steve$

    tpa carnival new rides

    Yeah,same,cant wait to try out all the rides at the easter show,been so logn sicne i last went.........
  13. steve$

    Superman: Ride of steel

    Hey,new ozcoaster design Rabid
  14. steve$

    Luna park TR

    If they owned that land it would of made a better picnic area hey,What a great view,you could see the city,harbour bridge,opera house and sydney at it's best