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  1. I use to know the old owner of the grass skiing at kurrajong heights,unless it has re openned,it closed down a few years ago.
  2. peters

    Nintendo DS

    Not really into hand held games,maybe 10-12 years ago when I was a teenager and did not have much to do.A mate has a ds,he is a nintendo freak,and my 18yr old brother has a psp.From what i can see the psp is a much superior machine.The problem with the ds seems to be, is that like most nintendo systems that have been brought out the game plays ok,But the actual games suck.
  3. GOOD POINT.AND ANYWAY PROSPECT reservior is closer to cowpasterure rd and not really that close to that area anyway.
  4. bussy you dont live aroound that area do u?even if u take all of the places u are talking about you still have an area that is a few hundred hectares,i work around that area all of that land is zoned industrail and there is many places around there it can be put.
  5. sorry alex but my grammer and spelling may not be as good as others,i will do my best to improve.I just read guidelines and i will try to give more constructive critism over certain subjects.As i am very opinionated,especially on subjects relating to god in anyway.As you would see if you go to john paul passing,it is just my nature to respond.I will try to improve.
  6. i remember waterslides that were attached to a shopping centre on the central coast,woy woy i think if i remember correctly.they were similar to the ones that were part of grundys on the gold coast.any one remember them?what happen to them?
  7. anyone know what happen to fantasy glades at port macquire?went up there a year ago and it doesnt seem to exist anymore.there was a small zoo near it as well and i couldnt seem to find that either.can any1 help?
  8. i assume u a talking a mt druitt water works.went there 2 or 3 times in the 80s b4 it closed.the speed slide was open but had a age restiction,15 if i remember correctly as last time i went i was about 10 or 11 never had a go on it.the speed slide stop operating b4 the park closed down due to people getting injured on it,due to being to steep.park closed down.due to a few morons that put razors on the slides and they got shut down,not due to disrepair
  9. Hi sean.Do u have photos from paradise gardens? Can you post some on this page.I went there a few times in early 80s,I have mate that now works at riverside oaks, which is the golf course, but he cant help.It would bring back some memorys. Last time I was in the area, the warner bros characters were still there.(around 5 yrs ago).The lion safari does have what is left of what could of been slides.I vague remember there ,well....told i went when very young but dont remember at all if there were slides or not.Hope thats of asistanance.
  10. it been years but if my memory is correct it was on the other side of the railway station to shopsmart. i use to live at silverdale,near warragamba.the parks called devils playground
  11. i remember magic mountian. sold to developers is now terrace stye units
  12. theres a part on nelsons bay rd nelsons bay that fits that desciption.i think its call tobbogan world or something like that.
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