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  1. If green Lantern were ever to be removed what coaster/ride would you put in its place? Please be realistic with what could fit in the plot of land green Lantern uses
  2. Thanks @themagician for the Nearmap pic. Based on my previous guess for the location of Top Golf, and what we have seen as far as the coaster construction goes, we have a decent chunk of land stuck between the two. We've all heard reports of the "Lakeside Precinct" and the hotel development, but what do we think is going in the yellow zone below? One rumour has it $500m is being spent on the park and these new attractions. Red: Coaster Yellow: ?????? Blue: Top Golf
  3. If any of you saw the episode of Shark Tank last night on channel 10, you would've seen Lynton V. Harris propose his latest interactive attraction, Sharknado Alive! For anyone who doesn't know, Lynton is the owner of the Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, which has created various attractions & scare mazes for theme parks and other establishments across Australia and the United States, including the AVPX and Zombie Evilution attractions for Dreamworld. If you want to watch the attraction proposal, skip to 33:15 - http://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/shark-tank/season-2/episode-1 There weren't many details released about the attraction itself, apart from this one concept image. TL/DR - I'm 99% certain that this Sharknado attraction will be replacing Zombie Evilution in 2017. So why do I think this is coming to Dreamworld? Since Laser Tag has been "retired," and now that Zombie Evilution only operates as a scare maze for special events, the attraction's closure is imminent. It wouldn't make sense to stop operating the scare maze before the final screamworld event (19th November) - so I believe that the scare maze will cease operation after the Screamworld event on the 19th of November, in preparation for it's transformation into Sharknado Alive! ready for the 2017 April holidays period. It took 166 days (31st March - 12th September) for the conversion from AVPX to Zombie Evilution, however, as it's highly unlikely that laser tag will return (and all of the technical side related to that), the conversion from Zombie Evilution to Sharknado shouldn't take as long. Assuming that the attraction's final night of operation is the 19th of November, this gives the park 133 days before the April school holidays, commencing April 1st 2017, to convert the attraction. To further back this up, in an email I received previously, Dreamworld has said: While this leaves room for doubt, the Sharknado theme actually fits into the Ocean Parade area (unlike the previous attractions [Aliens, Predators and Zombies]) - the infrastructure is already there for the attraction to be installed, and Dreamworld already has an ongoing relationship with the Sudden Impact company, I don't see why this wouldn't happen, but I can understand any doubt there may be. I'd love to hear what you all think of this
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