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Theme park careers.

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:excl: Calling all former employees of theme parks, this one is for you..... :excl:

I have been cogitating about a theme park career for the near future a while now. I thought that i could get some information as to how easy or hard it was to get a attraction/ride operator job.

1.Do you need to have completed any degrees or courses to be a ride operator? Or is it all on sight training and education about how to operate the attractions.

2.Was it fairly easy or was it hard to get a job with the park?

3.What makes your resume look better, as per say?

Is there anything that we would need to be warned about if any of us in the community are considering a career with one of the parks?

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As I've done hiring for dreamworld this is how it works there however I assume other parks would be similar. Dreamworld careers all start at the bottom as seasonals, even managers and sales executives started their careers in front of house roles and worked their way up. You don't need any degrees or prior training to become an attractions attendant provided you are willing and enthusiastic to learn on the job. Talking up your previous experience in safety (could even be how you kept yourself safe from oil splatters on kfc kitchen) wouldn't go astray. I wouldn't fuss much over you resume, due to the sheer volume of applicants these are usually only glanced over if at all. Most of what is looked for is willingness to learn, enthusiasm and an approachable and cheerful demeanour. The company will always prefer to hire people that live local so they can call them in fast for night events and such. All in all just make sure you're enthusiastic, outgoing and have good availability.

Oh and if you're asked why you want the job, for gods sake don't say "I wanna work the giant drop" or any other ride. Don't do it!

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