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  1. pyro_man

    Cyclone - opinions?

    It was built in Luna park a place of fun not thrills so its not ment to be thrilling.
  2. pyro_man

    Cyclone - opinions?

    It was Luna Parks best coaster and might I ask you if you went on the big dipper while it was at luna park. I think it can be compared not in thrills but others.
  3. pyro_man

    Big Dipper Photos

    From the last post.
  4. pyro_man

    Big Dipper Photos

    I have photos of the big dipper. None of them I took, just a colection from sites. I hope you like them. Cheers pyro More on next post.
  5. pyro_man

    Trip Report: Corin Forest

    I 've only been on the bobsled at jamberoo and I love going down with out slowing your self down at the bottom; me and my brother had a competition to see who could slide the furthest on the brakes.
  6. pyro_man

    Unique Rides

    As one wise rooster once said "ya gotta keep on ya toes toes that is".
  7. pyro_man

    Unique Rides

    Here's a picture of the Butter fly on no limits.
  8. pyro_man

    Meisho & Okamoto

    What luna park is that. Why would Okomoto do that.
  9. pyro_man

    Meisho & Okamoto

    If you look at mesho & okamotos double loop coaster they are the same can any one explain this to me. links to the have a look.
  10. pyro_man Up & Running!

    Wheres geronimo at LPS and is the wild mouse at LPS a schwarzkpof. Other than that the sites ok.
  11. pyro_man

    Six Flags selling parks!

    If you look at the price of dream world and the price of one the six flags parks there is a differanc and they all close for winter.
  12. pyro_man

    Tribute to the Land

    I'm thinking of making a tribute clip of wonderland so if any one has clips of the park can you email them to me. The reason for this is if I can make it good enough I will send to a tv channel and you know how they have clips at the end of the news they might put it on.
  13. pyro_man

    What was that ride called

    I' will ask this again is it classifyed as a coaster or not.
  14. pyro_man

    Luna Park Sydney Historic presentation

    That sounds crap for $45.
  15. pyro_man

    Portable River Rapids Idea

    how is that portable.