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  1. If they want to keep the ride in QLD (because of all the great feedback according to the article), why don't they just let Sea World keep the ride in their park. I thought that Sea World/Village had petitioned the council to keep the ride.
  2. I had purchased both the Demon and Dragon's Flight signs from Wonderland. I also picked up a Huckleberry Hound bust that used to sit on top of one of the paddle boats from the Magilla Gorilla Floatilla's ride.
  3. Looking at UsedRides.com, there is a Mad Mouse similar to Luna Park's Mouse in Australia for sale. The ad says that the ride is in SA. I'm in NSW so I have no idea where it could be. There is more info at the page below: Used Rides
  4. Speaking of Wonderland, if you take a look at the following ride for sale http://www.italintl.com/detail_page.php?record_id=835, do you think that it could be the Tassie Devil? I know there was talk that it was being converted to a trailer mounted ride...
  5. Looks like the Bush Beast Trains are for sale. Used Rides After another look, looks like Beastie Trains as well. Used Rides
  6. Seems that Dreamworld has a new style park map. It can be seen here. Coasterfreak
  7. It also looked like some of the Zodiac gondolas were off as well. The arm closest to Space Probe was up. Neil
  8. If you take a look at this website, it gives a few pictures of the inside of the ride and what the Big Red Car Ride Vehicles look like. Dreamworld
  9. We all know that Disney is looking at Australia... but its probably not going to be a 2 day, Resort Park like in the United States... Source
  10. I managed to pick up both the Dragon's Flight and Demon entry signs.
  11. I have found where Dragon's Flight and the Merry Go Round have ended up. Lost World Of Tambun Looks like they have not even bothered to do anything to the rides, eg. Painting... Neil
  12. After looking at the Jamberoo website; it seems that in Spring 2005 the park will open Outback Bay, a brand new wave pool. Jamberoo Website Coasterfreak
  13. The new dreamworld website does not list Reef Diver in the ride section. Neil
  14. Hey Guys, Have heard rumblings that Jamberoo is to be sold and possibly closed and that some attractions are moving elsewhere. Has anyone else heard anything? Neil
  15. The Wave Swinger (Dragon's Flight) at Wonderland did not come from Magic Mountain. The Wave Swinger at MM was trailer mounted as you can make out the platform in pic 5. Neil "and I also know Wonderlands Wave Swinger was from Magic Mountain aswell. But I want to know where Wonderland got "Skyhawk" from."
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