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  1. it's great to see luna park gearing up for the christmas holidays, but hey lets not go nuts, the park will be packed out everyday these holidays. New rides and ice skating sounds kool for the break. With the comments on luna park buying wonderland rides, i dont think that'll happen, if luna park wanted some big rides, they wouldn't go for wonderlands rides, however they might fetch a cheap value compared to other rides. Wonderland flat rides i must say are in good condition IMO. They are repainetd and refurbished well some of them, but they are still maintained well.
  2. to tell you truth people, get it through your heads that Luna Park is not an amusement park for adults. It's a small park that was built some 80 years ago and provided entertainment for kids and today the park as we know it will never get any more rides and will always be known as a kids amusement park. There are rides that a remore thrilling for teenagers and we see that there, but the park was built to provide a lot of entertainment for kids, and Luna Park needs to aim higher than a carnival. theres nhothing wrong with the park and for you people to already start complaining after being in r
  3. went past yesterday, and the demon is completely gone from what it seems from the road. Not a piece of stucture in site, there are a few cranes butt hats it. Next to the bush beast you can see part of junk or crap that must have been destroyed and removed. I'd say the bush beast is going next. And then a truck came out yesterday with a piece of track on the back, so yeah nothing of the demon appears to be visible no more.
  4. im trying to say that the top of the demon is removed and all that stands now is the bottom half of the lift hill. So when i saw it, all i saw was the bottom of the lift hill going up and the top part completely removed.
  5. but then again, i understand about the extreme g, force on a coaster, but we are comparing the speed difference here, come on a rocket goes thousands of kilometres an hour and the worlds fasteset coaster barely reaches 200 km/hr like come on a roller coaster can go as fast as it wants and IMO i think they can make a coaster go up to like 300-400km/hr reaching heights more than 200 metres high easy. But then again coasters that go this fast shouldnt be launch coasters becasue people can suffer neck injuries but if the coaster gradually picks up speed, there less of a chance of a person getting
  6. i mean if ur in a rocket travelling thousands of kilmotres an hour i dont see why not u can travel more than 200k/hr on a roller coaster. Maybe it might not be as safe but you can still make a ride that fast. Discussing the height of a coaster, it really doesnt matter becasue height doesnt affect a human, but the speed and g force does. If a proper train is designed and maybe the train is like almost enclosed like a car, it'll be more safe.
  7. hey everyone, went passed wonderland today, half the top section of both lift hills of te demon are removed, all that u can see now is most of both the lifts hills.
  8. um if u read, it said that the land isnt for a theme park, it tell u at the bottom of the article what will be built, and theres no mention of a theme park and i would never see a theme park happen in australia in the next 10 years. All these ruomers are all wrong and you will never see a new theme park, all we will have is new ride at already existing theme park and the only park to do this and has been doing it lately is dreamworld.
  9. i went pat wonderland last night from about 7-11, and nothing went wrong, there was no smoke or fire, i dont think a cold day like yesterday would occur at wonderland in such places from a bush fire, i know it's a bit weird for someone like me to say this, but maybe u should make sure the info is true before u write, i know i do now.
  10. to tell u the truth, its bull becasue now that there is all these new buildings against the cliff and hoe above the tango train is a large office, there would be lo sound, these residents live above luna park on top of a cliff, like it's not like they are level with the park, yeh then it would be loud, but even whens this cinema is built it will help block sound easily.
  11. i think melbourne luna park is a cheaper looking imitation of sydney's luna park. Sydney's looks more themed, classier, better at night has a better front entrance face and i think it has better rides as well.
  12. ive never been to melbournes but sydney was the best park with the big dipper and im pissed how people complained to stop operation of the ride. The queues at the moment are just too long for such a small park, and they need more rides to at least loosen the crowd through the front towards the back. Coney island needs air con becasue on weekends when it is busy, its just a nightmare and too hot.
  13. umm wheres this video! Like wasnt is supposed to be on last weekend or something?
  14. someone said that the coaster in richie rich is the iron wolf? im not too sure me self.
  15. yeh i have everything i have the wizards fury just cant be bothered scanning ill see thanx neway!
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