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  1. Maybe Warner's arne't advertising the Batwing ride properly until they can be sure it will be ready to open come christmas time. There would be nothing worse than a delayed opening when all the advertising $$ have been spent on marketing the ride. Any photos of construction?
  2. As much as you would all like to see one back in Australia, it wont happen. It's not new, and with a park already having had the ride and not to mention the technology being that high tech, there is a slim chance of ever seeing this model in Australia again.
  3. AussieParks.com Reveals December Attraction (thanks to Zencoaster for the scoop) Link to the article here December Attraction Revealed
  4. Speaking to Scenic World yesterday I was informed that a meeting was to be held "in the next few months" to discuss the future of this attraction. I will be recieving an email from Scenic World in the next few months after the meeting is held with some information. Will keep everyone informed...
  5. I have heard from numerous sources that the crews are working around the clock to get it ready for opening in December. I have some photos that were taken yesterday (13th) of the park and some of the various attractions. They are not the best photos sorry guys, but better than nothing I guess.. http://www.boomgen.net/splash/www/construc...ber/gallery.htm Feel free to remove the link Richard if I am unable to post links to my own site...
  6. That would have been Kevin. He visited every day minus a few since it opened. He had his own records for the rides aswell. He now goes to Luna Park 3 times a week.
  7. Confirmed on the website, and Rockin Tug plus a few other will appear at the park for summer... http://www.lunaparksydney.com/whats_on/eve...r_holidays.html
  8. Well I'm sorry DjRappa, but you can understand the poor ING reps problem. She is suddenly getting all these requests and that's not the job she is here to do-provide us with bush beast bolts/wood. We are not being selfish at all, just reinforcing what the ING rep said to the three of us.
  9. I will just add what Paul and Ripcurl_boi have said. Top people at ING, and thanks for all the trouble they have gone to for us.
  10. New Space Probe Update..Day 3, pole is a bit shorter but not much else has changed. Space Probe Day 3 More tomorrow...
  11. Ok New Photo Update over at Billboard... The top is off, and all that remains is a black pole... Billboard - Space Probe Top Gone!
  12. I have just got back from Wonderland and taken some photos of the Space Probe and a few other things. The gallery can be found at Billboard Space Probe Photos
  13. That last picture is just saddening. That is a huge area now that everything is gone.
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