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  1. I just want to know what they think about Dreamworld not extended their closing time on Anzac Day but still charging the full price for the day. For those who don’t know all the parks, on Friday, do not open to 1.00pm. Movieworld and Seaworld have extended their closing time. I find this to be very Dreamworld typical.
  2. I don't think there has been any increase in a fire risk in southeast Queensland. If you haven’t noticed it has been one of our wettest summers for years. As a building designer, dreamworld would have no problems getting people out.
  3. I don’t know people are always in a rush. The expansion of WWW is currently in the first step of approvals. From what I can see everything has run smoothly and council should give its final stamp soon. Don’t forget that the first approval is only a DA. Once the DA is approved, the final plans and engineering will need to be completed and then lodge for a BA. There will be no dirt turning for a while yet.
  4. TERRI Irwin has announced plans to turn Australia Zoo into an international tourist mecca comparable to Disneyland. At a VIP breakfast at the zoo today, the widow of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin said the zoo on Queensland's Sunshine Coast would be Irwin-owned well into the future as it expanded with a safari park and accommodation. There is also a lot of talk that there will be ride attractions included in the expansion.
  5. Well poll is out now and it shows us what we already where thinking of the dreamworld CEO and higher management team. Can you believe that the thunderbolt polled better then the Motor-Coaster.
  6. I remember about ten years go a Brisbane radio station did a stunt with the last on left on the thunderbolt won. It lasted for a week and the contestants also had to sleep on the thunderbolt. The contestants only got off the ride for 15min a day to go to the toilet and shower. I think it was called ride to you hurl.
  7. Just came across some more information on the removal of the eye. KEN Jackson wants to see the Sea World Eye stay on the Gold Coast but will lose it to another location unless the city council makes a decision soon. It emerged yesterday that states including Victoria and Western Australia, as well as overseas destinations, are all after The Eye. Mr Jackson is the director of The Eye Investment Company, which he says is set to buy the 60m giant ferris wheel for $8.5 million. The Gold Coast company has already laid down a hefty deposit for The Eye, but Mr Jackson said yesterday it would look at other options if the Gold Coast City Council did not approve a new location for the ferris wheel by the end of next week. Sea World will start dismantling The Eye on Tuesday and Mr Jackson said his firm was interested in the purchase only if the wheel could be kept on the Coast. The Surfers Paradise Transit Centre has been proposed as the new home and on Monday the council gave tentative support for it, with the council's economic development department fast-tracking a feasibility report. The report will examine the impact of The Eye on traffic near the proposed relocation site and safety and construction issues. Mr Jackson said the council had to act quickly. "We're purchasing it from the owner on the conditions we get a site for it on the Coast," he said. "The owner has got interest from Perth and a major city in Victoria as well as options overseas. "Why should we let it go to another city when we have got people here trying to purchase it to keep it for the Coast? "We'd love to put it anywhere but we need confirmation council will give us a site and we thought the Transit Centre would be ideal." The Eye Investment Company would need a site guaranteed for lease for at least two years until a permanent home was found. The model erected at Sea World was made by Swiss company Ronald Bussink Professional Rides and is the world's largest transportable observation wheel. Since its arrival in November, 2006, more than 680,000 people have ridden on The Eye. Storey and Castle town planner Jake Storey is working with Mr Jackson to keep The Eye on the Coast and is in talks with the council to secure the transit centre site. "It's a well-recognised facility and a very important tourist attraction," he said. "We certainly don't want to see it go and all reports we have had is that the community feels the same. "We're simply not just putting it in the transit centre. "We intend to appropriately embellish the space and improve the amenities of the site and the surrounding area."
  8. Seven people were trapped 10 metres above the ground on a rollercoaster at Melbourne's Luna Park after a safety mechanism fell off. Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) senior station officer Ron Young said they were called to the iconic fun park in bayside St Kilda at 12.36pm (AEDT) to rescue riders on the Metropolis rollercoaster. He said management had stopped the ride after an anti-reverse mechanism fell off one of the two cars mid-ride. Officer Young said the ride could have continued in safety, as the other car's mechanism remained in place, but management stopped it as a precaution. He said firefighters used a platform ladder similar to a cherry picker to rescue the seven people. They were all taken off by 1pm. "There was no scene of panic. They were all fine," he said. The ride is described on the Luna Park website as a "fast and furious" experience "not for the faint-hearted". Not that interesting.
  9. LOL I like how people talk them selves up. If you really new what was going on then you would know the council has stopped the application on the shed because a MCU is required first.
  10. There will be no construction for some time yet. The plans for the expansion are at town planing at the moment. Once Town Planing has approved the scope of the extension the plans will have to be submitted for a building approval. The reason why Town Planing is required is because this work is outside of what is allowed in the Coomera Town Plan. The building approval is to make sure the plans comply to the amend Town Plan, Australian Building Standard, the fire department and so on. We also don’t know at the moment if WWW are planing to open all the new attractions at once or if is will be rolled out over the next ten years.
  11. Well Duh back to you, you fool. If you think 3-hour queue time for a ride is acceptable then you must be from another planet.
  12. The stingray is now back in ocean parade and back on the web site. What I find real interesting is why has Dreamworld closed a major attraction in the busiest time of the year as found below on Dreamworld web page. Thunder River Rapids in Gold Rush Country Dates closed: Tues 15th Jan through till Tues 29th Jan I went to Dreamworld last week and I was so pissed off at the queue times that I just ended up going home.
  13. 15Jan08 As found on the gold coast bulletin web site. “THE Sea World Eye could move into the heart of Surfers Paradise, with plans to relocate it to the transit centre rooftop. Council officers yesterday met with the wheel's manufacturer, Ronald Bussink Co, to discuss the shift. After a year at the theme park, the 60m tall ferris wheel was to be removed from Sea World following the Australia Day weekend. But Mayor Ron Clarke and local councillor Susie Douglas have worked together to retain the attraction. Cr Douglas said the Surfers Paradise Transit Centre rooftop would be perfect for The Eye. "This would be a great coup for the entire Gold Coast and such a crowd puller," she said. "We have received fantastic feedback from tourists about The Eye and we believe that if we put it in the middle of town it will be an even bigger crowd-puller," she said. The plan is to retain The Eye on the site for at least two years before any future development. This fresh move has raised questions over the future redevelopment of the transit centre site, which also includes the Bruce Bishop car park. The council economic development office is preparing a report examining six expressions of interest from developers including Sunland, the Raptis Group and City Pacific. "Once The Eye is in place it will probably rise about 15 storeys into the air," said Cr Douglas. "That will give great views looking out across the city." Negotiations are ongoing but Cr Douglas said she hoped The Eye relocation could occur before the end of the month. Southport councillor Dawn Crichlow said she had received dozens of reports praising The Eye. Previously located in Paris and later Birmingham, The Eye was shipped to Australia in 24 containers.”
  14. How can increasing the speed by a little on the TOT be? “updating everything”.
  15. AFTER being described as an eyesore and temporarily shut down because of safety concerns, the Sea World Eye on the Gold Coast is about to be closed for good but not before more than 680,000 people have experienced the ride. Sea World today announced the 60 metre ferris wheel would leave the Gold Coast following the Australia Day long weekend on January 26-28, giving visitors just 47 days to enjoy a bird's eye view of Australia's premier holiday destination. Gold Coast City Council officers initially approved the Eye as a temporary structure during the 2006 Christmas/New Year holidays but it became part of the landscape on the picturesque Southport Spit. Sea World insisted it was never intended to be a permanent structure. Nevertheless a special council delegation ordered the Eye banned in April this year following complaints it was a blight on the Spit, where environmentalists have fought hard to stop a shipping terminal and marina from being built. Council eventually granted approval for the Eye to operate as a temporary ride until January 2008. In August, the Eye was closed for a day and a half for safety checks following the death of five people who fell out of a gondola from the 66 metre tall Giant Wheel at Busan, South Korea. The Giant Wheel's Swiss manufacturer, Ronald Bussink Co, also built the Sea World Eye. Warner Village Theme Parks chief operating officer Steve Peet said today that since its arrival in November last year, the Eye had been enjoyed by more than 680,000 people. I just came about this and thought I would copy and past it. I think its a bit of a shame that it is going but theirs you go.
  16. The main issue that I have is I always find it easier to navigate a web site if I can click on the web pages name and it takes me to the home page.
  17. I see the wii as Nintendo's next step in the revolution of game consols. I have always found Sony and xbox following Nintendo’s tracks. Even thou Nintendo have not always got it right they do try to think outside of the box. I believe if it was not for Nintendo and Sega then gaming may not be what it is today. It is easy to upgrade to a v8 from a v6 like Sony & xbox has but I say it takes balls to go out alone for a new concept. How good do you want graphics to get? Do you think it would be fun to see a live like person get their head blown off?
  18. I think you will be fine. Gosh dude even if it wasn’t a warn day the average night temps are over 20. If you go by next Tuesday forecast you will see even if it is cooler during the day the night temp does not drop by much. TUE Strong Thunderstorms. Mostly Cloudy. Mild. Humid. 18 km/h N 22mm (77%) 77% 22min - 26min
  19. Sometimes just after dusk, you may see pigs fly.
  20. Mate this is Queensland up here. Queensland is not like Melbourne we don’t live on the weather channel. I have heaps of relatives who live in Melbourne and they pull that line with me all the time. Us Queenslanders go outside and enjoy the day. I can’t see your point on waiting to check the weather; the idea is to get wet.
  21. Another flowrider is you ask me. I would bet on it that the bowling will not be included in Dreamworlds entry cost. Going by Dreamworld record it will cost the same as AMF Bowling Centres prices + Dreamworlds 100% surcharge.
  22. I think the hype is coming from village people because of what they have been quoted saying. "We are going to surprise and dazzle you (the Gold Coast)," said Mr Burke. "We have some big announcements in store for the Gold Coast." It does not say, said the Bulletin. The reporter quoted what Mr Burke said. I do not think village will release any further information then what they released at the meeting about any new attraction till the new attractions have been completed.
  23. I just pulled this from the Gold Coast Bulletin web site. I like the bit of information that I have bolded below. If dreamworld does not take this shot across the bow as a warning then they have major problems. VILLAGE Roadshow yesterday said it was going to 'surprise and dazzle' the Gold Coast, after a year when theme park success brought the company back on to the red carpet. The showbiz and theme park company -- which produced a profit of $45.1 million after a dismal $40 million loss the previous year -- yesterday indicated grand plans for the city in the coming year. Speaking at the group's annual general meeting at Sea World, chairman John Kirby told applauding shareholders that theme parks were the future of the company and it was looking at further parks, both here and abroad, as acquisitions. He said the parks Village Roadshow owned -- Sea World, Movie World and Wet'n'Wild Water World -- were the big winners for the company's turnaround, injecting $82.8 million into the company. This was up from the previous year, which produced $54.6 million. "Following the implementation of several innovative marketing campaigns and tight management of costs, the three main theme parks, Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World and Wet'n'Wild Water World, continued to gain momentum, enjoying annual attendances of over 3.7 million," said Mr Kirby. "In particular Wet'n'Wild Water World, with its new H2O Zone and Tornado, attracted over 1 million attendances for the first time, making it one of the world's top water parks. "Australian Outback Spectacular continued to trade above expectations with occupancy running at over 95 per cent of capacity. "These excellent results go to show that with all the new technological and media innovations in entertainment, there is simply no substitute for the thrill of live attractions and rides. "The theme parks, now that we own them 100 per cent, are a large part of the company. They are a heritage within the company. "We will look to expand Sea World, Warner Bros Movie World and Wet'n'Wild and keep refreshing them because that's the key to keeping people coming." Village Roadshow managing director Graham Burke said while the last financial year was 'big', this one would be bigger -- and the Gold Coast remained firmly in its sights. "We are going to surprise and dazzle you (the Gold Coast)," said Mr Burke. "We have some big announcements in store for the Gold Coast."When the Gold Coast has success, Village Roadshow has success and when Village Roadshow has success, the Gold Coast has success." The company's film distribution arm delivered $38.4 million before tax, a 37 per cent increase. Mr Kirby did not give an update on the progress of Village's film production division, which posted a $55.8 million loss in the 2006-07 financial year. He said the group's cinema division was in the advanced stages of expanding its Gold Class concept in the US. The company is also in the midst of a takeover bid for Sydney Attractions Group and has a 30.34 per cent stake in its target, making it the largest shareholder. In September, Village launched a $6.01-a-share bid for the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World owner, which was unanimously rejected. It increased its bid to $6.50 a share and reduced the minimum acceptance threshold from 50 per cent to 35 per cent. Village shares last night closed at $2.99, up 20c.
  24. New display name

    The Wii

    Where is every one getting Super Mario Galaxy from? I have rang around and everyone is telling me its not coming out to the 29th.
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