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  1. It's great to know there are others out there that share the same amount of Disney geekdom as me.
  2. That doco has it all pretty wrong I'm afraid - none of that is true, according to the numerous books I have read anyway. Bigglesworth is right. The frozen Walt story is an urban myth.
  3. Nice reports, thanks. The negatives haven't really made me want to rush up there anytime soon but that will probably change once new rides open...
  4. They want to build another park in Shanghai as well? Diluting the Disney name, way to go Eisner!
  5. Nope I haven't been to DLP, would love to get there one day but I want to get back to Florida Disney first. I think I will probably head to Europe in a few years.
  6. Firstly let me say Japan is an amazing country, the culture, the people, the sights, all of it. Every day offered up varied and great experiences, I highly recommend a visit if you haven't yet been. Anyway, onto why we're all here Rather than write a detailed TR for each day I spent at the Disney parks in Tokyo I thought I'd instead write an overall summary of my experiences... I recently travelled for 3 months around Asia & was lucky enough to spend 3 days at the Tokyo Disney parks, April 11-13. Unfortunately each day was rainy (a couple days the rain was off & on so it wasn't too
  7. Disneyland, Anaheim will always hold first place for me. It was the first park I ever went to as a 3 year old, & I continue to go back every few years .
  8. Here's one taken by me on April 12 (last week)... ps, TR's to come sometime soon when I have the energy.
  9. That's the beauty of the Berm at Disneyland, it hides all the ugly show buildings just outside the parks perimetre. The first drop near the start of POTC is to get you down underneath the Disney railway line, taking you into the main show building, which sits outside the berm. You used to be able to see the show building from the car park but that has changed since DCA opened. Similar story with the Haunted Mansion, the elevator takes you down so that you can go under the railway line out to the back of the park.
  10. SFMM is a fun park, however it's operations are pretty poor, it can be quite dirty and lines can be very slow moving on a busy day. On a quiet day it's quite bearable and I'd recommend a visit there to see if you like it yourself. Some people hate it, others love it. It just depends how much crap you can put up with. However you could skip SFMM and go to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey while you are in the New York area. I'm not exactly sure how long it would take to get there from NY but I don't think it would be too long. Anyone know? Yep, the only way to experience Disney parks i
  11. I spent a couple of weeks at LA area parks last August. It really depends what type of park you are more interested in as to where you should go. I am far more into the themed experience so, for me, Disney parks are always the number 1 parks to attend. I would recommend at least 3 days at Disneyland/DCA. (you could get by with 2 depending on crowds) Universal Studios is a nice park but you'll find that it's not really a "full day park" (unless you hit a really crowded day). Its still a great park with some cool rides & excellent Tram Tour. In past years I have always enjoyed myself at K
  12. I suggest you do some research Disneyland Paris is adding new rides in the coming year/s. And, as joz said, other Disney parks are constantly looking at/adding new rides... http://laughingplace.com/default.asp?WCI=M...resh=0122171156 http://www.westcoaster.net/community/index...showtopic=12824
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