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  1. I heard that it ran out of rego, it's in bad shape, and that they want to sell it. I also heard they're using a travelling ride until some time next year to replace it.
  2. casual - student otherwise no idea how many tradespeople they employ. they sure dont look like engineers though, lol. i assume they're just mechanics. there's a handful of them that i see all the time that work on the rides - 7 or so and they're all middle aged.
  3. how ever many of four days (fri-mon) I wish to work off peak, and whenever I want to work on peak. You are alternated between the rides you know (I know almost all) perhaps not every day, but often enough.
  4. there are mechanics and whatever there during the week when it's closed and people in the offices too. those jobs are permanent so i believe they'd be advertised on seek and whatever, yes? you should give 'em a ring. or join as a carny (like me!) and then move into the offices somehow idk
  5. Let me reword it then. No, the slab did not house a fair portion of the ride. It housed a small section of the ride and part of the station. The Tumble Bug is a very large, heavy ride with weight distributed only on the slab, whereas the Big Dipper's widespread supports allowed for weight to be distributed over a wide area. Another large ride on top of a slab which doesn't have a lot of support underneath (walk through the Dodgems building and see for yourself) might not be able to be accommodated. I...did you even read what I typed? I suggest you take a trip to Luna Park. The only building adjacent to Maloney's corner is one built by and partly owned by Luna Park. The rest are behind the train tracks and on top of a cliff. Also, whereas Maloney's corner has been filled with rides for the last five years or so, atop of the carpark has been empty for that period of time. Residents would have rights to complain. a) park policy is to have the kids rides next to the big rides to offer alternatives to those who aren't tall enough for bigger rides - a very sensible policy. the room on top of the car park isn't all that big, and it's not easy to get to. putting a rampway up there (i've got no idea where you propose they put it, but meh) would probably involve getting rid of something else. rides are a small part of lps - it would seem to be that it's unviable to knock down a merchandise stall or whatever to provide access to some kids rides especially since the area isn't big or easy to get to. c) the trees are probably heritage listed d) given that the apartments in this case would have been there first, and given that moving rides there would be a new development, and given what legal action the residents have previously sought and given how much it's cost lps throughout the last decade or so, i don't think your proposal sounds like an inviting option. we're talking about viable and realistic proposals. your ideas are as follows: scrap everything and put rides everywhere. not realistic. interesting but unrealistic. none of these things you're suggest could REALISTICALLY happen. Jesus Christ lol. You were wrong, so there's no need to add anything else. I walk through there every day and I'm telling you that there's no room. No amount of poncey, stuck-up language makes you any more right. I'll take a bloody picture or describe it to you. Distance from Tango-Kitchen =7 metres or so Distance of Kitchen to cliff = 10 metres or so. There's no room for a cinema. You are wrong. Move on. Vehicles moving through packed midways is a bad idea generally. It's far easier and far more guest friendly to have emergency vehicles move in behind the scenes. It also allows a quick and direct link to the first aid bay.
  6. Too many unused open green spaces imho. Parks are usually far denser.
  7. Idk man. My memory of the Big Dipper isn't great, but wasn't it only a very small part of the ride that was on top of that slab? I'm looking at a photo of it now and it looks like one support and part of the station is on top of that building. I don't pretend to know the weights of each ride but the Tumble Bug isn't exactly a small ride, and I think another ride might be pushing it. Because Maloney's corner is concealed by a cliff and a train track, whereas the top of the car park is smack bang next to apartment buildings. Nah there's no room. lol. Such as? The boardwalk?
  8. No, there isn't more room. Unless you want to be unrealistic and say 'scrap all seating areas and pathways for people to walk'. I haven't been past, but I assumed that the Rock 'n' Tug had been stuck between Scoops and Crystal Palace? I'll check tommorow night when I'm working. I'm not sure what type of live loads the top of the Dodgems building can accomodate, but given that there's only one pylon in the centre of the dodgems building, I'd suggest that it probably couldn't hold a very big ride. If you got rid of the TB, I reckon you might get a small roller-coaster up there. Maybe... On top of the car park is probably a noise restricted area given that there's no gap between apartments and any ride that would be up there. Also, I doubt the car park was built with a ride being atop of it in mind. You suggest that the park operators have no vision and foresight. Can I suggest that maybe restrictions on development thanks to the apartment dwellers is probably a more realistic reason for the park showing no signs of development? That and money sucking by the owners. The gap between the Big Top and the cliffs houses kitchens, staff dressing rooms, offices and a whole bunch of other shit. There's no room for a ride back there. The gap between the rotor and the face is used for emergency vehicle entrance. Ambulances and firetrucks. --- Wondercam's idea is pretty good though.
  9. It's looking quite impressive I think. I don't know how much room you guys think LPS has, but with these two rides space is pretty much filled. They can't cram every space full of rides because there has to be room for people to...you know...walk around in and whatever. The only other possible space I can think of is on top of the Dodgems next to the Tumble Bug, but it'd be almost impossible to stick a ride up there.
  10. Tango Train's the best part of Luna Park, haha, I hope they never get rid of it. The reason it took so long is because they had to replace the steel beams underneath the ride. They needed manufacturer approval for a new variety of steel, but the manufacturer is now bust, so they had to get an independent engineer to approve it, and that took quite some time. That's probably not all that relevant now since it's been up and running for a while now.
  11. I very much doubt that Luna Park can contribute much to NSW's popularity, lol.
  12. it'd be useless at the time but i imagine its policy to prevent some kind of whacky re-start or something please share
  13. lol i wasn't there don't blame me they should have just e-stopped and got everyone off the ride i reckon, and that's what they did, right?
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