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  1. This would have worked the same way every other survey does, random people would have been picked.
  2. You know i had a great half day, i just wanted more. If it came across that i was saying the park was in any way bad, thats not what i meant. The rides i went on where for the most part world class, the staff friendly, helpful, the park was clean and looked wonderful. I am looking forward to going back later this year, but another couple of major rides would not hurt and maybe five or six minor ones would be great as well. A Kick ass River Rapids, Topple Tower, Runaway Mine Train, Dark Ride ( Themed to whatever ) the list could go on.
  3. Gazza, I got what you where saying, I should have used better words. The park could use a Topple Tower, Disko or some other smaller ride, as for not asking someone who worked at the park, i was by myself and first in line for when one of the ticket booths opened and apart from the Guard at the main area, there was not another staff member to be found any where. But we could go back and forth all day, but it still brings us back to the fact that Movie World is really only a Half Day Park
  4. The thing was i had no idea the park opened at 10.00am as there is not a single sign anywhere with that information on it. Myself as well as a few other guest's where trying to figure out the opening time. I had a great time at the park, Superman front row on the first train of the day was outstanding, my last ride before i left was in the back row ( wicked airtime ). But after 8 years, the park seemed to have better attractions, but still the same amount and Gazza is right the park needs more energetic rides. I had no problem paying the price charged, i just wanted more.
  5. Re Lethal Weapon only my opinion. But that ride is one rough mother, people talk badly about Cyclone, it holds nothing on LW. The thing that still gets me is, park opens 9.30am, rides open 10.00/10.15am. weird!
  6. I skipped the shows as they held no interest for me, and while i missed some of the rides ( kiddies one ) i still managed to do everything in less then two hours and then started to repeat rides. While during the hieght of the season it could take a whole day to do the park, it really is limited it in what it offers ( ride wise ). And for something that is based on Movies, there really was no people eating Movie based attraction anymore.
  7. After eight long years, i finally went back to Movie world yesterday ( Monday 14th July ) I think this must be one of the only parks world wide that allows to you enter the park and then keeps you waiting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before any rides open. After riding Superman ( great coaster ) Scooby Doo ( which had most of the effects not working and then having a fire alarm go off which closed the ride for at least an hour ) Batwing, Shrek4d, Lethal Weapon ( which needs to be over hauled or pulled down ) and wild west falls. I was having trouble finding things to do, while others may be interested in seeing Batman fight, iam not. I just found that after 3 hours in the park, i had ridden everything that was worth riding and most of them twice or three times. I was all set the spend the day, but really this is a half day park at best IMO
  8. Speed Racer with ads, prints and so on cost over $200 million. So far it it has made less than $75 million world wide, adding in dvd and tv rights will still not bring close to the magical $200 million mark. Which ever way you read it Flop, but this is far off topic.
  9. If Village spent the money on this instead of making Speed Racer, they would not need to ask for public money.
  10. From this mornings Herald Sun $220 million theme park to rival world-renowned Disneyland and Sea World is planned for Melbourne. Owners have pencilled in some of the world's biggest and best adventure rides for the park, to be called African Safari World and set in the grounds of Werribee Open Range Zoo. Australia's first safari-themed adventure park is a bold plan by Village Roadshow. It is being considered by the Brumby Government. Roller-coasters and thrilling rides would merge with the existing zoo's lions, rhinos, giraffes, zebras and other animals in a revamped safari zone if the park was approved. The facility would become Victoria's top tourist drawcard -- luring 1.3 million visitors a year and boosting the state's economy by $864 million over 10 years. Building African Safari World would create 6700 new jobs and the park would employ 500 workers. It would rival the biggest park on Queensland's Gold Coast and the Irwin family's Australia Zoo. African Safari World would be modelled on Disney Animal Kingdom in the US and Busch Gardens Africa and seek to cover 40ha with rides, restaurants, live shows and African-themed shops alongside a redeveloped zoo. It would be marketed as a world where "animal adventure meets thrills and excitement". Village Roadshow International theme parks chief John Harnden said the park would promote Melbourne and Victoria to the world. "It's about giving all of those millions of existing tourists even more to do in Victoria, and to stay longer and spend more money," he said. Village Roadshow has been working on the plan since last year, and hopes to start building the park next year with a view to it opening in late 2010. Preliminary plans include: AN African animal tour to be known as the Serengeti Safari; A RANGE of rides including Australia's "greatest" roller-coaster and water rides; INCREASED animal numbers and habitat improvements to the existing zoo; A WILDLIFE education and conservation centre; AN Australian animal experience; A FOUR-dimensional theatre; and MAN-MADE lakes and mountains. Mr Harnden, the former Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games boss and Australian Grand Prix CEO, estimated the park would attract 430,000 tourists to Victoria from interstate each year and 290,000 from overseas. The zoo now attracts between 250,000 and 300,000 people each year. "Theme parks are one of the most popular things people want to do on their holiday, so this is about branding Melbourne and indeed Victoria to the world. "This is something that is going to be iconic, something that we can be proud of," he said. Tourism Minister Tim Holding said the plan had instant appeal. "There is obvious tourism appeal, but government and the community would need to be assured about the on-going proper supervision of the animals under such a proposal," he said.
  11. The Australia government has disclosed talks took place between their Department of State and Regional Development with the Disney company. The property which was discussed is White Bay located at Sydney Harbour. This is considered one of Sydney's most desirable locations and is part of a recently formed taskforce which will monitor development of this sector. When asked about the talks which took place several months ago, John Nicoletti, a spokesman for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts stated "As part of that process, we have conversations with lots of entities. And, while Australia is an attractive market, at this time we have no plans for this region." A government spokesperson stated that the talks were discontinued and provided no details as to what was discussed for this region.
  12. Maybe Seaworld is getting Australia's first B&M?
  13. I was not planning on having argument with anyone, all i was doing was pointing that Movieworld where not planning on adding anything huge in the near future. Ash's quote was "I think Movie World would be LOVING this, and good on them. I'm glad someone still cares about building something big and thrilling." And from the story posted, it would seem at this stage they do not. Also if you notice, i said nothing about the rest of the story, nor did i bring up Dreamworld. The thing i pointed out was the miss quoting of the story.
  14. You guys need to make sure who and what you are quoting, "Warner Village Theme Parks has spent more than $80 million, adding the Australian Outback Spectacular as well as several new rides, slides and attractions to its trio of parks Sea World, Warner Bros Movie World and Wet 'n' Wild Water World. The group's chief operating officer Steve Peet " "But Mr Peet said local thrillseekers won't see a giant ride open on the Gold Coast for some time yet." So as you can see above Mr Steve Peet works for Village Roadshow, Movieworld, he is saying that Movieworld won't, WONT be opening a gaint thrill ride for sometime yet. So out of all of that Movieworld are the ones saying they will not be building anything big soon!!!
  15. The Rapids ride is over twenty years old, back then no rides had drops like what is on Grizzly River Run. So to say that a drop should have been put on it, is well impossible. They would need to rip the ride up and start again.
  16. About ten years ago there was a plan to put in a new coaster ( quite large that went over the road into the foreshore park )
  17. Please be a kick ass coaster..!
  18. Another space shot is not needed! All that is needed is a coaster with length, it can be launched, good god it can be pulled up the hill by a group of monks for all care! Just make it fast, long and thrilling! And the yes the 12 inversion coaster would be perfect.
  19. Having not ridden it either, from what i see i would have liked the orignal idea better as well, a well themed Mine Train Coaster would have been a longer ride and most likely a more enjoyable one. Lets just hope that what ever is planned for next year is the worth the wait! Theres always a good point, only 2 years to go before Universal opens. ( well it's in singapore, but with airfares the way there are. It could be cheaper to leave the country, than to go to the Gold Coast)
  20. So Sonic what did you think of the ride? But Gazza if you have never ridden, how can you vote if the ride was a blunder or not?
  21. Somewhere in the Motocoaster thread, someone already said something about Dreamworlds next ride (next year ) big and thrilling was spoken about.. We need a coaster with BALLS.
  22. If there next ride is a coaster, all i ask is that it is longer than 30 seconds.
  23. How much did they pay for this again? Maybe we do need Disney to open on the coast, cause going by that video, once again the Australia parks give us another lame arse ride.
  24. Avalon would be the perfect choice, no housing estates nearby, a airport that could double as international if need be. The park could open as long as they like without noise issues ,try doing a fireworks display everynight at 10.00pm on the Gold Coast and watch the complaints role in ( Movieworld is having compaints over WWW) Not to metion the other four parks are not going to be sitting quielty by and allow Disney to steal there thunder ( really if you had a choice WOULD YOU pick Movie/Dream/Sea world over disney? ) i know i wouldn't. And really saying that if you flew up you would also visit the other parks is moot, it's not either one of them is really world class! They may have to get to world class standards very quickly if Disney do come on line ( i don't see it happening, the only one that may have a chance is Dreamworld ) But as always this is J.M.O.
  25. Cause when you look at it Dreamworld should have brought the old EXPO rides, instead of letting them go overseas. At least one of the parks should have some sort of Boomerang type coaster, Centrifuge that was expo while now would have been dated would have been a great addition to either park. It's rather sad that some of the best coaster's on the coast was built for a one off EXPO. While the parks over the few years have added some stuff( some world class, others lacking) if they are not careful they will start to lose there market. With the cost of cheaper flights ( tiger airlines ) i would rather spend my holiday dollars in Singapore ( 2010 ) at a true Theme park "Universal Studios Singapore."
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