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  1. Sad i know, but i was hoping for a thrill ride! Not to turn this into a fight between Movie and Dreamworld, but i am not a fan of Movieworld..So i would rather Dreamworld have my money. But it's getting harder to give it to Dreamworld, since they seem to never adding anything worthy. But not the end of the world, my spending money will go some where else this year!
  2. I just hope this is not true....they need to add a kick arse coaster. But as i said in the other thread, i will hold out hope, till i hear something from Dreamworld ( press release ) that this will be a thrill ride.
  3. S...t. Whoops can i say that. ( it would seem like no! ) But than again not to say i don't believe you, but till i see something put out by Dreamworld. Everything will be taken with a grain of salt.
  4. There really is nothing to say to this! O.k yes there is, Sad, Stupid and the list could just go on..
  5. Um i might be wrong, but have they not already opened on the other side of the park? And i might be wrong with this as well, but they are not going to wrap anything around the new coaster, well nothing we have been told of!
  6. How in the name of whoever can you tell from some photos of some footings and a few pieces of track, that this ride is going to be crap? The layout has not been finished yet, there maybe elements in there we know nothing of, there is so much we don't know. But you are happy to right it off over a couple of pictures. I don't get it.
  7. But if Movieworld had offered this, would you still have said that it was a lot of money? Or would you have posted that it was a great deal...hmm i wonder!
  8. This would be great for Dreamworld ( movieworld as well ), lets hope this happens sooner than later..
  9. And it was a very nice walk, and i did walk it. Any back on topic. Hoilday Inn have lost there agreement with Nickelodeon...runs out in 2009. Marriott International, Nickelodeon (a divsion of Viacom) and Miller Global Properties LLC have announced an agreement to co-develop a new family friendly branded resort concept called Nickelodeon Resorts by Marriott. They expect there could be as many as 20 of these under construction by 2020 with the first property to be in San Diego’s new Liberty Station development. Construction will begin in Janurary 2008 and will open in early 2010 on the first
  10. It's more than 3 kms, walked it for the Screamworld event in Feb, thank god for the shuttle bus from the pub near dreamworld ( very nice driver gave me a lift back to the hotel at 10.30 at night, was not looking forward to that walk back ). This would be great as part of there city walk (?) plans.
  11. It would seem the perfect place to put it and Dreamworld does at least need a hotel nearby. Movie world has the hotel/caravan park across the road next to the servo ( and let me tell you that is a bit of a hike from there to dreamworld )
  12. Does anyone know when Dreamworld are going to release plans for this/ ( sorry if this has already been covered skipped quickly through the last 8 pages )
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