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  1. sarahjau

    fantasy glades

    fantasy glades photos at the following
  2. sarahjau

    paradise gardens

    i scanned the 4 postcards i have from paradise gardens. you can find them at in the paradise gardens folder
  3. sarahjau

    Peppermint Park information/photos

    hi all. my uncle used to own a mitsubishi dealership in pm in early 80's. we had family holidays to his place twice a year. i loved pp an fg. i have some photos on photo bucket if any one is interested.
  4. sarahjau

    eyespy keyrings

    thanks alex. I have tried in the past to get an actual photo print done but they wernt able to help me. ill try once again though.
  5. sarahjau

    Mt Druitt water works?

    I remember paradise gardens. I have heaps of pics from there too. i knew about mt druitt waterworks (i was born and raised in blacktown) but never went there. I do remember the razor blade rumor with paradise gardens too. if I remember corectly they had a animal farm there as well. i was feeding the animals and had a bag of food behind my back while petting another animal and a lama or goat (I cant remember now I was 5 years old) grabbed the food and my hand and bit through to see bone. they took the animal away after that. i hope no one minds me posting in old topics. perhaps even start more memories flooding in. or perhaps just call me shirly valentine and ill continue to talk to the walls lol
  6. sarahjau

    Port Macquarie

    I remember FG. my aunt lived in PM and we used to visit her every school holidays and go to pepiment park and FG. I miss that place and now I have kids of my own I would of loved to take them there. regardless of how old you were when you visit there you suddenly became a kid again. I remember going there when I was 13 and still thinking it was cool. I also loved old timber town too which has had its troubles of opening and closing a few times. any one know if its open at the moment?
  7. sarahjau

    eyespy keyrings

    hi all, I was wondering if anyone would know where I could get an old eyespy keyring from. many years ago (about 15) I got an eyespy keyring when i got home I took the negative out and gave the keyring to my then 2 year old niece to play with. it got lost but I still have the negative. I will pay costs if I can get my hands on one again. Sarah
  8. i just wanted to say thanks for the storys all. im almost 31 now but class myself as one of the lucky ones who had a wonderpass from the first year til I was about 19 or 20. I then moved around nth nsw to brisbane for 10 years and now in central nsw for the past 12 months. I wanted to make it to wonderlands last day but didnt. while i never worked there reading these storys had me laughing. I found this forum via google looking for infor on a local show coming up. so far wonderland has been the only thread ive looked at. its brought back heaps of memories. the one about the girl freezing on the speed slid I could of sworn was me. I was about 10 and the slide was near the gold rush area at the time. (20 years ago) my brother had been on it several times and told me to try it. I got to the top but I just would not go down. the guy at the top tried pushing me and everything but in the end they sent the toboggin thingy down without me and i climbed the steps all the way back down again with my bro laughing at me the whole time.